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Category: Science

What Degree do I need to be an Intelligence Analyst?

IMAGE SOURCE What is Intelligence Analysis? Intelligence analysis is a process of collecting and generating intelligence from multiple sources such as data and information. The process usually involves accumulating information about a variety of circumstances and individuals who have knowledge in areas that include strategy, operations, or tactical intelligence. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, […]

What Degrees will be in Demand for the next Ten Years?

IMAGE SOURCE Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Many have incorrectly attributed this statement to the ancient Chinese sage Confucius. The earliest match located was published in the “Princeton Alumni Weekly” in 1982. This journal quoted a Professor of Philosophy named Arthur Szathmary as […]

What Kind of Job Can You Get With a Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields of engineering, covering everything from automotive and robots to things on the molecular level. Mechanical engineers use computers not only to help them create and implement new designs, but also to analyze and correct problems they come across. They might work on a specific part of a […]

What Is the Difference Between a Degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Degree in Environmental Engineering?

As you explore different engineering programs, trying to decide which major is the best fit for you, you might wonder how agricultural engineering and environmental engineering compare. Both branches of engineering are likely to appeal to students who are outdoorsy as well as creative, curious and resourceful. However, both the curricula that makes up these […]

How Do I Prepare for an Engineering Degree While in High School?

If you’re eyeing a career in engineering, there are plenty of things you can do before you even begin applying to college that will help you succeed. Engineering is not an easy field of study by any means. In fact, though more than one-third of all college students plan to earn a degree in engineering […]

What degree do I need to be a Crime Lab Technician?

IMAGE SOURCE What they do Before answering the captioned question…a crime lab technician or forensics science technician is a professional involved in technical work inside a forensic laboratory. Much of their work involves preparing and analyzing samples as to support forensic research, although they are also often engaged in quality control and quality assurance checks […]

What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science?

IMAGE SOURCE Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems. This science includes a host of related fields, such as ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, plant science, zoology, mineralogy, oceanology, limnology (the study of inland waters), soil science, geology, […]

What Degree Do I Need to Become a Sales Engineer?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. Overview Professional engineers develop innovative technologies and equipment that solve problems. How do those inventions get out of the laboratory or design studio and into the hands of the companies and consumers that can benefit them? Often, this requires the work of a professional who has both the education to […]

What Can I Do With a Degree in Economics?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. A degree in the science of economics can prepare you for a number of career paths. The jobs you can get with an economics degree often offer high wages – including, for some roles, near-six-figure median salaries. Many of the positions you can attain with an economics degree also give […]

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