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Do I need a degree to be a Fire Inspector?

IMAGE SOURCE What is a Fire Inspector? A fire inspector is a professional trained to examine buildings, homes and other structures to ensure that they meet the applicable fire safety codes and regulations. The purpose of these detailed inspections is to ultimately prevent and/or reduce the likelihood of a fire or explosion. State or local […]

Top 40 Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Nutrition

IMAGE SOURCE The field of nutrition includes nutrition science, dietetics, health, and wellness. The degree choices enable you to seek careers in research, consulting, public health, food and nutrition management, and various industries. In addition, dietetics can lead you to becoming a Registered Dietitian. Careers in this field exist in hospitals, long-term care facilities, businesses, […]

What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

IMAGE SOURCE Degree Choices There are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice.  The latter usually involves technical or scientific fields, including majors like biological sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. The BS degree may also study criminal justice as an applied science where the student learns to integrate theory construction, empirical […]

Top Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Mathematics

IMAGE SOURCE The majority of these math programs involve the teaching of the subject at the middle and high school levels. All of the schools are accredited as you will see the respective accrediting agency for each. Accreditation is a voluntary activity initiated by the institution that requires a rigorous self-evaluation and an independent, objective […]

Top 10 Online Bachelor Degree Programs in Geography

IMAGE SOURCE The Oxford dictionary defines geography as “the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and political and economic activities.” Hence, the field can be divided into two primary areas of […]

How can I gain experience in Emergency Management while attending College?

IMAGE SOURCE Perhaps you are taking one of our top online Bachelor’s degree programs in Emergency Management and are want to add experience to your study plan. There are opportunities to gain experience in the profession prior to completing your undergraduate degree in this discipline. Some of these are available while attending high school. The […]

How Difficult Is It to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. You might have heard that online colleges are easier than on-campus studies, but is this claim really true? In some ways, the convenience of an online bachelor’s degree program makes it easier for busy students to earn a degree. However, if you go into online learning expecting that you won’t […]

What Distinguishes an Easy Bachelor’s Degree From a Difficult One?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. If you’re looking for an easy online bachelor’s degree program, it can help to first figure out what an easy degree program means to you. For some students, a program that requires few math and science courses is easiest. Other students excel at complicated equations, but consider public speaking, open-ended […]

Easiest Online Bachelor’s Degrees

What makes a college degree program “easy”? Is an easy degree one that requires little in the way of mathematics skills? Is it one that won’t have you spending hours upon hours in a laboratory, painstakingly measuring variables and drafting lab reports? How about a degree that doesn’t require a whole lot of memorization, writing […]

Top 10 Jobs with a Degree in Emergency Management

IMAGE SOURCE There is a variety of jobs for those with a degree in Emergency Management. To enter this field, you can start with an Associate’s degree, though a Bachelor’s degree will provide more opportunities. Alternatively, a Master’s degree in Emergency Management or related discipline will allow you to move up to a higher-paying position. […]

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