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Category: Aviation

What Associate’s Degrees Can Help Me Get a Job at NASA?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. You don’t necessarily need to spend several years in college to qualify for a career in space exploration. In fields like science and engineering, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a need for skilled technicians. It’s possible for technicians in fields like aerospace engineering, avionics and meteorology to […]

The 20 Best Jobs Without a 9-to-5 Work Schedule

Standard 9-to-5 business hours just aren’t for everyone. If you enjoy getting up early or staying up late, the good news is that there are plenty of great careers out there that encourage – or even require – you to work hours outside the 9-to-5 day shift. Some of these jobs come with high salaries, […]

What degree do I need to become an Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Testing is essential to ensure the safety of aerospace vessels like airplanes and spaceships. Even performing these tests requires the use of sophisticated equipment, and that’s where aerospace engineering and operations technicians come in. These professionals are responsible for building, installing, operating and maintaining the equipment and facilities used to test aircraft. […]

What degree do I need to become an Aerospace Engineer?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Aerospace engineers are the professionals who make things – airplanes, space shuttles, missiles and satellites, for example – fly. They design these objects and vehicles – and the technology used within them – to meet the engineering and physics demands necessary for a safe flight. Aerospace engineers review the technical and financial […]

What degree do I need to become an Air Traffic Controller?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Air traffic controllers are the transportation professionals who direct the movement of airplanes and jets from the ground to ensure safe landings and takeoffs. The role of an air traffic controller is immensely important for the safety of air transportation. Without their guidance and communication, planes could collide on the runways and […]

What degree do I need to become an Aircraft Mechanic?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Aircraft mechanics are the maintenance and repair specialists who inspect and work on airplanes, jets and helicopters. These professionals play an integral part in the safety of the aviation industry. Aircraft mechanics work primarily in support services for air transportation, scheduled air travel, aerospace parts manufacturing and the federal government. When a […]

What degree do I need to become an Avionics Technician?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview They may not spend as much time in the cockpit as airline pilots do, but avionics technicians are an essential part of the aviation industry. These specialists maintain, inspect and repair aircraft components such as software, electronic instruments and electrical control panels. Without them, airplanes’ radar systems, navigation systems and radio communications […]

What degree do I need to be a pilot?

Overview The principal types of pilots are: Recreational- people who learn to fly for enjoyment with restrictions on flight distance and type of aircraft Private- largest group of pilots with a broader scope of aircraft and instrument rating Certified Instructor- authorized by the FAA to teach students how to fly Corporate pilots- flying personnel for a […]

Which degree do you need to become a pilot?

Regional airlines in the United States do not require pilots to have a four year college degree. However, the major United States airlines do require that pilots have a four year degree. Since the major airlines pay much better than the regional airlines, it is advisable for prospective pilots to obtain a four year college […]

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