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What Classes Will I Have to Take for a Degree in Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is the intersection of engineering science and design with medical science and the health care industry. If you choose to major in biomedical engineering, you will attain an interdisciplinary education that combines studies in science, math and engineering design with a focus on engineering concepts and systems as they related to the life […]

Top 10 Healthcare Jobs not requiring a College Degree

IMAGE SOURCE As the need for healthcare rises, there will be a rise in job openings for pharmacy technicians, medical secretaries, dental assistants, lab technicians, and imaging technicians. One example is that by 2020, the U.S. government predicts a shortage of between 800,000 and one million nurses. It stands to reason that all of the support and […]

What Is the Difference Between a Nursing Degree and a Medical Degree?

IMAGE SOURCE If you are considering a career in the booming health care industry, you might find yourself torn between enrolling in nursing school and studying to become a doctor. While there is a lot of overlap between the fields of nursing and medicine, there are also some important differences. Understanding what is required in […]

What Jobs Can I Get with a Biology Degree?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. Earning a biology degree doesn’t just prepare you for a single career path. It provides you with the technical research abilities, the life science background and the analytical and computer skills you need to succeed in a number of varied career paths. Environmental Scientist You can use your biology degree […]

Top 15 Jobs for Adrenaline Seekers

When you’re under pressure or facing danger, you get an adrenaline rush. Some individuals don’t just put up with these circumstances – they actively look for them. If you’re an adrenaline seeker, there are plenty of careers that can help you quench your thirst for adventure. Some professional thrill seekers fuel their adrenaline rush by […]

Top 25 Physician Assistant (PA) Degree Programs

Overview Physician Assistants (PAs) are valuable members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. The profession was established in 1965 to help physicians provide healthcare services to under-served and rural  populations. While the profession remains committed to its historical mission, PAs are now employed in  almost all medical and surgical specialties. PAs are healthcare professionals licensed to […]

The 20 Best Jobs Without a 9-to-5 Work Schedule

Standard 9-to-5 business hours just aren’t for everyone. If you enjoy getting up early or staying up late, the good news is that there are plenty of great careers out there that encourage – or even require – you to work hours outside the 9-to-5 day shift. Some of these jobs come with high salaries, […]

What degree do I need to be a Speech Therapist?

image placeholder Image Source What Does a Speech Therapist Do, Exactly Speech is a tool that we use every day, often without much consideration. But when speech is impeded, due to trauma, birth abnormality, or cognitive disorder, a Speech Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist can be of great value. Speech therapists assess needs and create […]

Top 25 Cheapest Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

Overview IMAGE SOURCE It’s almost impossible to reach a consensus when it comes to superlatives, such as this topic of the cheapest (least expensive) Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Programs. However, we believe that these 25 offer an excellent education, as well as being cost effective for the registered nurse […]

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