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Category: Engineering

What Qualifications do Employers want with a Degree in Cryptography?

IMAGE SOURCE DegreeQuery has written about cryptography in other articles, which we will supply the links at the bottom of this report. This post looks at random job postings from prominent internet employment sites. This should afford a glimpse at what employers want from a prospective applicant. It also tells us preferred degrees and job […]

What are some of the Degree Choices to be a Cyber Threat Analyst?

DegreeQuery has written several articles related to cybersecurity, as well as intelligence analysis (see links below). The lines blur due to the seemingly overlapping functions of different roles associated with cyber security. There isn’t even a consensus on the spelling of the word-cyber security. Or is it cybersecurity? It depends on the source. What is […]

What Is the Benefit of an Engineering Degree Vs an Engineering Technician Degree?

The career opportunities for graduates of both engineering and engineering technology degrees are plentiful. At first glance, the shorter time to completion and fewer required engineering courses found among associate’s degree programs in engineering technology might make this degree path seem more appealing than a traditional bachelor’s degree in engineering. However, many students find that […]

What Is the Benefit of an Electrical Engineering Degree Vs a Computer Science Degree?

Deciding that you want to work in computer technology is one thing, but deciding which computer technology degree is right for you is an even bigger challenge. What makes it particularly difficult is that sometimes, both careers have significant advantages. For example, though computer science generally offers a higher salary and better job growth than […]

What Is the Benefit of a Health and Safety Engineering Degree Vs an Occupational Health and Safety Degree?

When you choose a career that emphasizes health and safety, you can protect countless individuals from serous injury. However, there is more than one career path that offers this fulfilling mission, and those career paths tend to be very different. When choosing between a background in engineering and environmental health that allows you to work […]

What Is the Benefit of a Nuclear Engineering Degree Vs a Nuclear Physics Degree?

Nuclear energy – the energy that develops as a result of splitting the atoms that make up matter – is responsible for generating 20 percent of America’s electrical power, according to the Department of Energy. If you want to work in a field related to nuclear power, you might wonder whether nuclear engineering or nuclear […]

What Is the Benefit of a Computer Hardware Engineering Degree Vs a Computer Programming Degree?

Jobs in the field of computer technology have a reputation for being fast-growing and high-paying, but not all jobs that focus on computer technology are equally advantageous. If you are wondering whether computer hardware engineering or computer programming is a better major, you should consider factors such as salary, job outlook and work duties. You […]

What Is the Benefit of an Aerospace Engineering Degree Vs an Astronomy Degree?

If you’re interested in a career exploring the mysteries of space, you might have narrowed down your choice of college majors to aerospace engineering and astronomy. Both aerospace engineer and astronomer are among the types of aerospace careers offered by organizations such as NASA and private sector space exploration ventures. It is the nature of […]

What Is the Benefit of an Engineering Degree Vs a Science Degree?         

If you have done well in science and math classes in the past, you’re probably thinking of majoring in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subject in college. That is often a smart choice, since STEM occupations often offer high wages, a positive job outlook and more prestige than many majors in the arts […]

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