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Category: Mathematics

How much Math is there in a Cyber Security Degree?

IMAGE SOURCE “Mathematics is the gate and key to the sciences.” – Roger Bacon Mr. Bacon preceded the advent of the computer age by almost 400 years. But his statement could refer to computer science. A degree in computer science typically entails calculus courses, some form of discrete mathematics, and (most likely) a course in […]

What Degrees will be in Demand for the next Ten Years?

IMAGE SOURCE Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Many have incorrectly attributed this statement to the ancient Chinese sage Confucius. The earliest match located was published in the “Princeton Alumni Weekly” in 1982. This journal quoted a Professor of Philosophy named Arthur Szathmary as […]

How Much Math Is Required for a Degree in Engineering?

Engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical concepts to real-world situations. Naturally, you will need to take at least some math courses as you study to become an engineer and use some of the math theory you have learned in your future career. However, is a career in engineering even an option for you […]

How Do I Prepare for an Engineering Degree While in High School?

If you’re eyeing a career in engineering, there are plenty of things you can do before you even begin applying to college that will help you succeed. Engineering is not an easy field of study by any means. In fact, though more than one-third of all college students plan to earn a degree in engineering […]

Is There Any Math Required for a Degree in Nursing?

IMAGE SOURCE If math isn’t your strong suit, can you still be a nurse? Many students who are considering nursing school wonder about this. Nurses need to be comfortable using numbers in their work and to complete the minimum required math classes in high school and college. However, most core classes in nursing are more […]

What is a Degree in Mathematics?

IMAGE SOURCE Aristotle defined mathematics as “the science of quantity.”  More recently, Benjamin Peirce (1809-1880), an American mathematician who taught at Harvard for 50 years, defined mathematics as “the science that draws conclusions.” The American Heritage Dictionary sums up the subject as the “study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using […]

Top 45 Online Master’s Degrees in Mathematics

IMAGE SOURCE DegreeQuery has assembled this list of accredited colleges/universities that offer graduate programs in mathematics, whether it is the application or teaching of the subject. The majority involve master’s programs in teaching mathematics from kindergarten to community college levels. The ranking system has been calculated based on retention and graduation rates, as well as […]

Top Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Mathematics

IMAGE SOURCE The majority of these math programs involve the teaching of the subject at the middle and high school levels. All of the schools are accredited as you will see the respective accrediting agency for each. Accreditation is a voluntary activity initiated by the institution that requires a rigorous self-evaluation and an independent, objective […]

What Can I Do With a Degree in Economics?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain. A degree in the science of economics can prepare you for a number of career paths. The jobs you can get with an economics degree often offer high wages – including, for some roles, near-six-figure median salaries. Many of the positions you can attain with an economics degree also give […]

15 Top Degrees for the Highest-Paying Business Careers

In the right role, business can be a highly profitable career field. Many business careers have six-figure or near-six-figure salaries, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Dozens of business and related occupations earn more than double the median annual salaries for all occupations. High-paying business careers are out there, but to […]

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