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Do I need a Degree to be an Interior Decorator?

IMAGE SOURCE Interior decorating refers to the art and science of making an interior space more aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful for its inhabitants. While the exterior of a building can sometimes also be included in interior decorating, the term usually refers solely to the interior design. The job of an interior decorator is to select the components […]

What can I do with a Degree in Interior Design?

IMAGE SOURCE Interior design demands creativity. You don’t decide to be a successful painter, as in the art form, if you don’t have the inherent ability to draw and understand perspective. You can learn some aspects, but to excel in interior design, you must have a flair for creativity. You should possess strong creative and […]

What Courses are there in an Interior Design Degree?

IMAGE SOURCE The courses for this degree, as with any degree, will vary by each college/university. This article will address some of the courses you are likely to see as you review the curricula of different bachelor’s programs in Interior Design. We will avoid the ones that require little explanation, such as the history of […]

What is the Difference between a Degree in Interior Design and Architecture?

IMAGE SOURCE Architects and interior designers are trained professionals with comprehensive knowledge of architectural principles. However, these two groups study different disciplines. Architecture is a highly regulated field. Above anything else, architects must design buildings that are safe for the occupants. Because residential architects work with the main structure of a home, they have the […]

What is the Difference between a Degree in Interior Design and Interior Architecture?

IMAGE SOURCE Interior Architect Interior architects share a lot with interior designers in the services they provide for clients. Interior architecture focuses on the actual architecture of the building and its construction. You may choose furnishings for interior space, as well as design windows, molding and other decorative finishes. Students will also learn technical issues […]

What is the Difference between a Degree in Product Design and Industrial Design?

IMAGE SOURCE The definition and differentiation of industrial design and product design are debated, confused and sometimes vary given the context in which they are used. People often use the terms interchangeably. Product Design The Strate School of Design in Paris, France, defines product design as the design process that is divided into many different phases, which include various […]

What Certifications complement a Degree in Interior Design?

IMAGE SOURCE Interior decorators may be self-employed, or freelance, and charge an hourly rate for services or negotiate a contract amount for a specific job. Other interior decorators choose to work for a company, such as a design firm, furniture store or other material manufacturer. Regardless of where you work, you will have a business […]

What Degree do I need to be a Flash Designer?

IMAGE SOURCE What is Flash Design? A Flash designer creates web applications using the Adobe Flash program. It delivers exciting, full-screen games with full keyboard support across browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and operating systems (Mac and Windows). Its original name was Macromedia Flash. It is known now as Adobe Flash software. Macromedia is […]

What are my Bachelor’s Degree Choices in Graphic Design?

IMAGE SOURCE Graphic design goes by many program names depending on the particular school’s degree. The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) attests to this with their list of degree titles: Graphic design Communication design Communications design Visual communications Visual communication design Interaction design Advertising design Multimedia design In order to decipher these different degree […]

What Degree do I need to be a Curator?

A curator (from Latin: cura, meaning, “to take care”) is a manager or overseer. Traditionally, a curator or keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., gallery, museum, library, or archive) is a content specialist charged with an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material. There are different types of curators. Depending on where you work as a curator, this will influence the degree. Here are the two most common […]

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