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Category: Associate’s Degrees

What are the Benefits of pursuing a Degree in Law Enforcement?

IMAGE SOURCE Law enforcement is a broad category. It encompasses a host of degrees applicable to this field. Examples are degrees in criminal justice, criminology, sociology, forensic psychology, crime scene investigation, and many more. This spectrum of degrees affords choices for those aspiring to enter law enforcement in a variety of roles. Diversity of Jobs […]

What Degree do I need to be a Fraud Risk Analyst?

IMAGE SOURCE What is Fraud Risk Analysis? The Association of Fraud Risk Examiners (ACFE) defines the term as “an assessment process to determine the likelihood of a fraud being committed, what can be done to prevent it, and which prevention technique is the most commercial to undertake”. The ACFE reports that multiple forms of fraud […]

What is a Degree in Public Relations?

IMAGE SOURCE What are Public Relations? There are as many different definitions of public relations as there are public relations professionals. No two public relations jobs are the same. According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), job descriptions can include responsibilities such as media relations, marketing communications, social media, community relations, special events, […]

What Are the Easiest Degrees to Get in Engineering Technology?

Engineering technology, a hands-on technical career field that requires only an associate’s degree to get started, may seem like an easy field of study in which to earn a degree. However, just because you can complete your college education at a community college or vocational-technical school doesn’t mean that your curriculum will be less than […]

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs in Engineering Technology?

The field of engineering technology allows tech-savvy workers to earn an excellent living doing hands-on work without the need for a lengthy college education program. The median wage for engineering technicians, drafters and mapping technicians is $55,810, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s well above the $37,690 median salary for […]

What Is the Fastest School for a Degree in Engineering Technology?

Engineering technology is an excellent degree path for students who are good at math and science, enjoy hands-on work with technology and don’t want to invest their time in lengthy degree programs. The education required for a career as an engineering technician in all disciplines is an associate’s degree, according to the United States Bureau […]

What Degree Does an Electro-Mechanical Technician Need?

If you would like to quickly get started in a career in the architecture and engineering field, a career as an electro-mechanical technician may appeal to you. Electro-mechanical technicians do the practical work of operating equipment designed by engineers. In this role, you can make a salary well above the median wage without first investing […]

What Degree do I need to be a Flash Designer?

IMAGE SOURCE What is Flash Design? A Flash designer creates web applications using the Adobe Flash program. It delivers exciting, full-screen games with full keyboard support across browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and operating systems (Mac and Windows). Its original name was Macromedia Flash. It is known now as Adobe Flash software. Macromedia is […]

What are my Associate’s Degree Choices in Graphic Design?

IMAGE SOURCE According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the variety and number of programs have increased over the past twenty years. The AIGA is the profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design—with more than 70 chapters and more than 25,000 members. Whether you’re a design enthusiast, student, freelance designer, in-house […]

What are my Degree Choices to work in Visual Communications?

IMAGE SOURCE Visual communications or visual communications design is a creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to communicate ideas. It begins with a message that, in the hands of a talented designer, is transformed into visual communication that transcends mere words and pictures. By controlling color, type, movement, symbols, and images, the […]

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