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What Degree Do I Need to Become an Exercise Physiologist?

IMAGE SOURCE: Cosmed, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons license.  Overview A chronic illness like heart or lung disease can take a major toll on a patient’s health, including his or her physical fitness options. Exercise physiologists are the healthcare professionals dedicated to helping these patients get healthier by establishing fitness programs intended not just to tone, slim […]

15 Degrees That Are Perfect for Becoming Your Own Boss

Do you dream of being your own boss? Whether you want to work solo and make your own hours and business decisions or build a company from the ground up, you’re probably considering self-employment. Some careers are friendlier to that entrepreneurial spirit than others. If the opportunity to eventually run your own business is important […]

The 20 Best Jobs Without a 9-to-5 Work Schedule

Standard 9-to-5 business hours just aren’t for everyone. If you enjoy getting up early or staying up late, the good news is that there are plenty of great careers out there that encourage – or even require – you to work hours outside the 9-to-5 day shift. Some of these jobs come with high salaries, […]

What degree do I need to be a Kinesiologist?

IMAGE SOURCE  Overview Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics is the scientific study of human movement. It is the study of human movement, performance, and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience. Applications to human health include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational […]

The 40 Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

We present 40 accredited colleges and universities offering a selection of some of the fastest online master’s degrees in an array of fields. These programs provide opportunities for those who have work or other obligations that make online study a preferred format. We have chosen programs that can be completed within two years or less. […]

What degree do I need to become a Coach?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Coaches are the sports professionals who lead athletes to victory through their direction both on the field and in preparing for games. While both professional and amateur athletes in all sports rely on their coaches for guidance and training, most paid coaches work for public and private schools at the elementary, secondary […]

What degree do I need to become an Athletic Trainer?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Wherever athletes are playing sports, regardless of their age or which sport they’re playing, there’s the potential that someone could get hurt on the field, court or rink. Athletic trainers are the healthcare professionals who work with sports players to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries. Before a game, they may work to […]

How do I become a Sport Psychologist?

image source  Overview According to the American Psychological Association, sport psychology encompasses a range of topics including “motivation to persist and achieve, psychological considerations in sport injury and rehabilitation, counseling techniques with athletes, assessing talent, exercise adherence and well-being, self-perceptions related to achieving, expertise in sport, youth sport and performance enhancement and self-regulation techniques.” While […]

What can I do with a degree in Sports Medicine?

image source  So you’re interested in Sports Medicine? You probably played sports growing up, so you are probably familiar with sports-related injuries – you know, shin splints and ankle sprains, all that fun stuff. Those with a degree in Sports Medicine will have medical expertise and be qualified to help in many different scenarios in […]

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