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Category: Criminal Justice

What Degree do I need to be a Forensic Document Analyst?

IMAGE SOURCE Forensic document examiners, also often referred to as questioned document examiners, are forensic scientists who are responsible for using a number of scientific processes and methods for examining documents—whether written, typed, or printed—related to a crime scene investigation. They are handwriting experts, as well as experts in other areas of document examination, including […]

Why should I consider a Degree in Cybersecurity?

IMAGE SOURCE Here are seven reasons why a degree in cybersecurity is worth considering: 1. The U.S. is under Attack The first six months of 2017 experienced an inordinate number of cybersecurity meltdowns. Moreover, they weren’t just the standard corporate breaches. The mysterious hacking group known as the Shadow Brokers first surfaced in August 2016, claiming to have […]

What are the Highest Paying Jobs with a Degree in Cyber Security?

IMAGE SOURCE The captioned question expands to include other professions associated with computer security. Regardless of the title of the position, the profession is in high demand. Cybersecurity Ventures predict there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021. The cybersecurity jobs forecasts have been unable to keep pace with the dramatic rise in […]

What Jobs are there with a Degree in Cyber Security?

IMAGE SOURCE According to Forbes in 2015, the annual investment in cybersecurity across the private sector is expected to surge from $75 billion a year to upwards of $170 billion a year by 2020. As demand rises amid a shortage of qualified professionals, experienced cybersecurity experts are seeing more opportunities for upward mobility while those […]

What Courses can I take Online in Cyber Security?

IMAGE SOURCE What is a MOOC? A MOOC or Massive Open Online Course is a way to learn online in a host of subjects. The cost varies per course. Some are free. Others might be a few hundred dollars for a four-course program. There are also programs that charge a monthly fee of $39.Several require […]

What Skills will enhance my Degree in Cyber Security?

Kevin David Mitnick (born August 6, 1963) is an American computer security consultant. He now runs the security firm Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC that helps test companies’ security strengths, weaknesses, and potential loopholes. He is also the Chief Hacking Officer of the security awareness training company KnowBe4, as well as an active advisory board member at Zimperium, a firm that […]

What Government Jobs are there with a Criminal Justice Degree?

IMAGE SOURCE The world of criminology offers numerous employment opportunities in the private and public sectors. The government is always in need of employees in many different areas to keep communities safe and bring criminals to justice. For example, you can become a security protection officer, criminal justice instructor, or American government instructor to educate […]

What Degree do I need to be a Crime Scene Photographer?

IMAGE SOURCE Job Duties Crime scene photographers, also known as forensic photographers, record crime evidence on film. They respond to crime sites to photograph objects, as well as entire settings. Their photographic documentation can be crucial to preserving the crime scene digitally for future reference. The photos may provide possible clues as to what might […]

How can I prepare for a Cyber Security Degree while in High School?

IMAGE SOURCE Why Cybersecurity? “The demand for the (cybersecurity) workforce is expected to rise to 6 million (globally) by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million,” stated Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec, the world’s largest security software vendor. Mr. Brown stated this in 2014. “The cybersecurity job market is on fire,” said Veronica Mollica […]

What are the Fastest Bachelor Degrees in Computer Security?

IMAGE SOURCE There are many categories to computer security. These include cyber security, information systems, and information assurance. This article will address some of the degrees in this field that offer the most expeditious means to complete. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology The Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Specialization prepares you to fill the skills […]

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