While you can obtain a social science degree from essentially any university, many of the most preeminent thinkers are present at the nation’s top schools. Historically, these degree programs involved pursuing an in-person degree, but in recent years more and more social science degree programs have started offering their degrees online.

While many of our rankings focus on individuals specific disciplines, schools with quality social science scholars tend to have a range of fields they excel in. And many social science degrees are interdisciplinary to some degree. To reflect this fact we’ve ranked schools that provide online degrees and excel across a range of the social sciences. Enjoy!

1. University of Michigan

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The University of Michigan online offers a number of options for people who are looking to pursue an online degree. Michigan Online offers courses degrees and something called teach outs which are free online learning events that focus on important topics that currently face society. The degree programs are full degrees including undergraduate and graduate degrees and the courses are 4 to 6 weeks long and or self paced. If you are looking to grow skills try their course series.

Featured Programs

The University of Michigan online offers a master of social work. This is a part-time online master of social work degree which is perfect for young professionals who have family and other commitments. This is a 45 credit hour part-time program that includes placements near you and your community. As part of the degree you have an opportunity to visit Ann Arbor and meet your cohort. The online curriculum is interpersonal practice in integrated health, mental health, and substance-abuse. This online degree prepares you to become a licensed social worker.

2. New York University

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New York University offers a number of online degrees and courses through NYU online. NYU offers a number of growing online offerings including graduate degrees, enhanced undergraduate experiences, as well as online certifications. Their online programming has expanded their reach and students from all backgrounds are now able to study at NYU. NYU is known for innovation and over the years NYU online has adjusted their curriculum to ensure that they’re using best practices. The courses are created by their faculty which are customized for the students who attend.

NYU online features their online Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance. Both programs may be completed in less than two years. The Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness utilizes a hands-on approach and does not require a GRE for admission. This online degree features live classes and interactive work as well as real world training at sites located near your area. The course also features three or four days of networking and intensive training on campus In New York City. Master of arts in counseling in guidance is an 18-month program that does not require a GRE. In this program you’ll learn to be an elementary school counselor, middle school counselor, or a high school counselor. Students may select a bilingual school counseling concentration.

3. University of Wisconsin

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The University of Wisconsin eCampus features over 150 University of Wisconsin online degrees and certifications. There are a growing number of programs available through campuses across the UW system. UW eCampus also offers online supplementation courses for students who are enrolled at a brick and mortar location. You can take classes during the summer, take individual courses online, and more.

4. University of Washington

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The university of Washington offer is the professional and continuing education programs. These online degrees are a great fit for any individual who is non-traditional either looking to return to school or complete their degree online. Their online programs feature bachelors and Masters degrees in a wide range of fields. Their online programs feature number of degrees in engineering and applied sciences.

Additionally, their online programming features online degrees in the social sciences including their bachelor of arts and integrated social sciences. This program is done entirely online and may be completed in 2 to 4 years. Like with all bachelors degrees, this program requires general education requirements and coursework pertaining to the major. Additionally, you can personalize your studies with a mix of courses from various fields including sociology, anthropology, international studies, economics, geography, communication and history. Their online masters degree is a degree in library and information science. This course may be completed at UW Seattle or online. The courses are flexible and the duration is two years. All students will be studying full-time.

5. University of Texas


The university of Texas at Austin offers the university extension program. All of these courses are 100% online and open Roman. No admission to the university of Texas is required. There are a number of self paced online programs in a wide range of fields including classical mythology, foundations of accounting, world literature, Russian studies, calculus, and so much more.

The University of Texas offers an online course called sociology of love and intimacy. This Course focuses on many aspects of love including social change and human values. Additionally you will have the opportunity to look at how intimacy and love are materializing a variety of societies. In the course you will become familiar with the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life. You will also examine the impact of industrialization and capitalism on private lights. Additionally the University of Texas offers courses in American government Texas government issues and policies in American government women in the United States history and the United States history ranging from 1492 to 1865 and beyond. For more information on the wide array of courses offered in sociology head to their website.

6. University of Southern California

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The University of Southern California is a private research university that offers some of the best education in the world. It’s brick and mortar location is in Los Angeles which is a global center for international business the arts and more. Along with the changing times USC has changed their programming. USC currently offers a number of online programs in a wide variety of fields including computer science, business and accounting, dentistry, engineering science technology, law, library science, psychology, public policy and more.

Among the many online programs is their online school of social work. The Social Work school at USC is one of the best in the world and their online programming includes the nursing MSN, the Social Work MSW and the doctor of Social Work DSW. Additionally students may pursue the online master of science in applied psychology the online masters in public administration and the master of urban planning. There are a number of additional Available. For more information and to sign up for one of these online degrees had to their website.

7. University of Illinois


The University of Illinois University of. Illinois system offers a number of online options. The University of Illinois at Urbana champagne, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Springfield all offer online programming. Students may pursue a bachelors, bachelors, doctoral degree, certification, continuing education course, and general Ed course.

The University of Illinois Springfield office in online bachelors degree in psychology. This is a bachelor of arts program that is taught entirely online. The college offers a high-quality education taught by faculty from the University of Illinois Springfield campus. This program does provide an individualized professional advising opportunity and the faculty work with you to help you design a customized career path. The Springfield campus also offers a bachelor of arts in political science. The curriculum is a flexible course of study giving you a foundation in law, politics, public service, research or teaching. The Urbano-Champaign campus offers an online master of social work the guy MSW. This online degree afford students the opportunity to continue to work in their hometown while advancing their education. Many students are able to complete this program and a return to employment field placement allowing them to be employed at their social service agency. This online course prepare students for social work practice as well as research in public and private agencies into concentrations: leadership and social change, and advanced clinical. If you choose advanced clinical you may further choose to specialize in: mental health, healthcare, or children youth and family services. Each student must choose a concentration and complete an internship.

8. Ohio State University

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Ohio state university offers a wide range of degree and certification programs fully online. Ohio State University offers degree programs in their college of nursing at the Fisher College of business at the John Glenn college of public affairs at their college of social work at the college of engineering, at the college of pharmacy at the college of arts and sciences and much more. If you are looking to advance your career or simply head back to school to finish your degree then check out the wide range of online offerings Available through Ohio State university ( OSU ).

Among these online offerings is the master of social work offered through the college of social work. According to the US news and world report the master of social work at the Ohio State university is ranked sixth among public universities. If you have earned a degree an undergraduate degree in social work you are eligible for the ASAP MSW program which is an accelerated path to the degree. If you have completed a bachelors degree in any other discipline you’re eligible for the additional MSW program. This online degree takes four semesters or 2 Years to complete. For more information about their master of science and social work and their myriad other programs head to their website.

9. Penn State University


Penn State is a huge school that offers a number of fantastic academic opportunities. In recent years, Penn State opened up it’s famous world campus. The world campus at Penn State consists of over 150° and certifications all entirely online. You don’t have to head to Pennsylvania To study at Penn State. Penn State offers bachelors degrees associates degrees undergraduate certificates undergraduate minors masters degrees doctoraldegree graduate certificate and more all online. No matter where you are in your career an online degree from Penn State can help you get where you need to go.

Currently, Penn State offers 22 programs online at their level arts and communications school including their undergraduate certificate in digital arts, the digital journal Lizum and media bachelor of arts, the diversity studies undergraduate certificate, the history bachelors of arts. The undergraduate minor in history, the undergraduate minor and media studies the associate of arts and letters arts and sciences as well as the bachelor of arts and letters arts and sciences, The bachelor of arts in psychology the bachelor of science in psychology the master of professional studies in psychology of leader ship and the undergraduate minor in sociology. As you can see there are a wide range of online degrees related to the social sciences. For more information and to apply head to their website.

10. University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota offers a number of online degrees and certifications. These degrees are equivalent there on campus degrees and certifications and generally use the same instructors and offer the same programming as well as curriculum. This This is an University of Minnesota degree. The University of Minnesota offers undergraduate certificates, graduate certificates, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, doctoral degrees as well as licensing programs, and minors as well as partially online programs.

The University of Minnesota offers an online bachelor of applied science in psychology. This is a 120 credit our program that’s offered through the Dallas campus. At the end of this degree you are an undergraduate degree from the college of education and human service professionals. Some of the sample courses of this program include a course in developmental psychology, experimental design and methodology, theories of personality, learning and behavior, and an introduction to industrial/organizational psychology. For more information on the wide variety of online offerings at U of M had to their website.

11. Arizona State University

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Arizona State University is one of the top innovative schools in the world. Over the past few years Arizona State University ASU has offered an increasing number of online degrees and certifications. Currently ASU online offers undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, online certification programs, and non-degree programs. According to the US news and world report ASU is ranked as the 103rd Best school in the nation as well as the number one most innovative school in the world. A large part of their innovation comes through their online degree offerings. One of the benefits of their online programming is that you will get to learn from the same state of the art faculty that they have at their brick-and-mortar location.

ASU offers a number up online degrees related to the social sciences including their community advocacy and social policy bachelors degree their master of arts and social justice and human rights, their master of arts and social technologies, their master of social work as well as their graduate certificate and social entrepreneurship and community development. Their online bachelor of arts and community advocacy and social policy is an online program that focuses on advocacy that compares social services systems. There are two course sequence areas: the diversity/Oppressed populations sequence and these social problems and interventions sequence which focuses on social problems that affect members of oppressed populations. This program offers change strategies. For more information about the myriad programs available online through ASU head to their website.

12. Rutgers University

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Rutgers offers online degrees. According to the US news and world report Rutgers New Brunswick is the number one public university in the state of New Jersey and is the top 25 public universities in the US and top 30 nationally ranked universities. Rutgers online currently offers a number of bachelors degrees and Masters degrees. These online degrees are nationally ranked and use the same faculty and offer the same academic programming as the on-campus programs. Rutgers boasts small classroom sizes as well as a flexible and convenient program that is affordable and outcomes driven. If you are looking to change your careers or simply to begin and complete a degree then try the Rutgers online programming.

Among their many online offerings is the master of social work. In the Masters of social work you’ll complete an online degree with a clinical specialization where in you will learn about and assessment intervention evaluation men and ways to enhance the well-being of others. This 100% online format is flexible and allows you to plan your work according to your own schedule. No GRE is required Or admission to this program. If you have a passion for helping others and are interested in joining the rewarding career of Social Work then this is the degree for you.

13. Boston University

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Boston university is one of the top rated universities in the United States. This infamous university is well known for its award-winning innovative approach to academia. Lately, BU has been offering award winning online learning programs. In fact US news and world report recently ranked their online programming among the best in the nation. There are currently 3200 students enrolled in an online program at BU with over 76 countries represented. BU offers online bachelors masters and doctoral degree programs. You can pursue an online degree in art education, law, management, music education, occupational therapy, Social Work, software development, cyber security, project management, and more.

Boston university offers an online master of social work from the Boston university school of social work. This is a program that has three tracks and as a part time masters degree. This program features a major in either clinical or macro Social Work in offer is a convenient online format. The part-time format is great for individuals who need to work while studying. This program affords you the flexibility to complete one or two field internships within your own community. The curriculum is holistic and helps you assist of diverse group of at risk populations.

14. George Washington University

George Washington University

George Washington University Is an excellent university and now an excellent online learning university. George WGW online offersdegree programs in the Liberal arts, Business, education, medicine, nursing and pre-professional disciplines. According to US news and world report George Washington University ranks is the 66th best school in the nation and is also the 38th Beth school for veterans. If you’re looking for a high-quality education that is also high value then certainly check out the academic offerings at GWU.

Are you looking to pursue a certification or a degree in politics and public policy then certainly check out the various online offerings that GW you. Do you WU offers a master of international policy and practice which is a 27 credit our masters program for individuals with eight or more years of professional experience. This program may be completed full-time in one year and also has part-time options available. Are you a Spanish student? And you may be interested in the master of professional studies and political communications and governance. This program is offered entirely in Spanish to students in Latin America and Spain on trains leaders from all fields and how to develop a professional approach to secure Alex direct office. If you are interested in American politics then try the master of professional studies and political management.

15. University of Georgia


The University of Georgia is one of the top 50 schools in the United States. Additionally according to the US news and world report the University of Georgia ranks as the 15th top public school in the nation the 23rd best college for veterans and the 35th best school for study abroad programming among many other accolades. Recently, the University of Georgia has turned to online learning. If you’re looking to pursue an online program you can follow a course online a degree program and a professional certification. When it comes to online degrees the University of Georgia offers undergraduate degrees graduate degrees and more. Additionally, the University of Georgia offers a number of professional certifications specifically those two enhance the career of teachers as well as graduate speech and language pathology professionals and more.

If you are interested in the social sciences and check out their online master of social work. This program features a curriculum with micro specialization’s in a wide variety of areas. Upon completion of this degree you’ll have the opportunity to work with families, individuals, groups, organizations and anywhere that social services are required in your community. The program is taught in a cohort model and requires 60 credit hours to be completed 44 of those credit hours are coming from online coursework while 16 credit hours come from field education that may be completed directly in your community. The program takes three years to complete. Do University of Georgia online also offers a Masters of education and educational psychology, gifted and creative education. This is a fully online MED program that requires a minimum of 37 credit hours as well as a final written comprehensive examination. Among the many courses this program includes characteristics of gifted children and youth, methods and materials for the gifted, a seminar and gifted education, and programming and curriculum for the gifted. For more information and to apply had to their website.

16. University of Pittsburgh


Do University of Pittsburg Pittsburgh campus is ranked as the 58 best university in the nation. Additionally according to the US news and world report the University of Pittsburgh ranks highly for innovation, veterans, undergraduate engineering, and as one of the top public schools. In recent years, the University of Pittsburgh has added a number of online offerings. In fact you can find online programs through pit online in one of these schools: the graduate school of public in international affairs, the school of education, the school of law, the school of nursing, the University Center for Social and Herb and research, and their massive open online courses program. Additionally put online partners up with Swanson school of engineer ring, the Joseph M cats graduate school of business, The school of health and rehabilitation sciences, the college of general studies, in the college of computing and information.

Among their many online options is the master of public policy in management MP p.m. Disagrees office of the graduate school of public and international affairs and provides midcareer professionals with an opportunity to expand and develop in their careers. This is a 30 credit our program that is design with advanced career professionals in mind. As an online student you enroll in six credits per term meeting you’ll be able to complete the 30 credit our degree and just five terms. By taking courses in the spring summer and fall you are in your degree in 19 months. However you may Choose to complete your degree at a slower pace taking just one course at a time. This flexible opportunity is perfect for the working professional. For more information or to apply to their DNP program head to their website.

17. University of Virginia

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Do University of Virginia is one of the top public schools in the world. in fact, the University of Virginia is ranked as the 26th best school in the nation. Additionally, University of Virginia is the number for top public school the seventh bus school for business and the 10th best college for veterans among other very high accolades. Online learning at UVA offers online courses certifications and degrees. You can find online degree programming in the arts and humanities, business, education and human development, engineering and science, and medicine and health sciences. Or or you may choose to select a single course.

If you are interested in learning about the social foundations of psychology and how they apply to education then try the online master of education education psychology social foundations program. Social foundations are often called the humanities of education. In this online degree you will study courses like history of education, philosophy of education, Anthropologie of education, sociology of education, and comparative education. You may complete this program full-time or part-time yeah and you may simultaneously works for is an ad on endorsement and gifted education or English language learners education. All of the corn elective courses are taking online. If you are interested in a policy related career and schools in the school system for employment in various governmental agencies then you may want to look into further graduate training and Social foundations.

18. University of Florida

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The University of Florida ranks as one of the top universities in the nation. Currently in the university affordable strands has the sixth top public school in the nation as well as one of the top public schools for value, undergraduate teaching, business, undergraduate engineering and more. In recent years the University of Florida office UF online. UF online of Ford’s you the opportunity to pursue the major that you want on your terms through an accessible online portal. UF online offers degrees in the following areas: business and leadership, technology, communication, earth science, social sciences, public safety, health and life.

You have online offers a number of bachelors degrees in the social sciences all entirely online. You can pursue a bachelor of arts and anthropology, a bachelor of arts in criminology, bachelor of arts and education sciences, a bachelor of arts and psychology, a bachelor of arts and public relations, a bachelor of arts and sociology, and a bachelor of science and telecommunication: media and society. If you’re looking to pursue an online graduate degree such as a masters degree or a doctorate degree you may wish to investigate the online master In mass communication with a specialization and social media what design, public relations, political communication, global strategic communications, public relations and communication management, and more. No matter how you wish to connect with society the University of Florida has a degree program for you. For more information and to apply head to their website.

19. Northeastern University

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Northeastern university ransom on the top of the schools in the nation and is the number one school for co-ops and internships according to US news the 12th top school for a senior capstone project the alarm at the most innovative school and the 102nd best value of school. Northeastern is known for myriad of academic programming as well as their study abroad opportunities and their undergraduate research opportunities especially in the fields of computer science, grad engineering, and business. Recently, northeastern university offers bachelors degree programming completely online among these online degrees are the online bachelors in analytics, the online bachelors in healthcare administration and the online bachelors in project management.

If you are interested in social sciences he may want to pursue the online bachelors degree in psychology. As part of this program you will explore psychological development and behavior and much more. This online bachelors degree in psychology covers a wide range of topics which may be applied to various careers. The curriculum features experiential learning opportunities as well as general education classes and core courses. Some of the core courses include those in the behavioral and cognition Sciences such as their ethical issues and health care course, their introduction to behavioral health science professions and the chorus on stress and stress management. The major includes course material and abnormal psychology, social psychology, human behavior in the social environment, and Physio logical psychology. You will have the opportunity to purchase paid in clinical practice and engage in world-class research. For more information and to apply to this program head to their website.

20. University of Denver


The University of Denver ranks among the top schools in the nation. According to the US news and world report, do University of Denver ranks highly for value undergraduate teaching in for veterans. In recent years the University of Denver has offered an online learning opportunity. You will have the option to study completely online through a hybrid program or using their HY flex program which affords me the opportunity to head to campus or to login from HONNE and pursue your degree online. These flexible online learning opportunities include masters degrees bachelors degrees and graduate certifications. Among the many masters programs since me engage with their online arts and culture management program their nonprofit leadership program their geographic information systems degree and their health informatics it’s a great program.

If I you are interested in the social sciences you may wish to pursue the online master’s in global community engagement. This program does not require a GRE or GMAT for admission and may be pursued either online or in the evenings. As part of this online degree you may pursue a concentration in culture and diversity, global issues, global community engagement. The global community engagement masters degree teaches you how to optimize organizational effectiveness and engage effectively with communities who have been impacted by global struggles. This is a 48 credit hour degree with five core courses, four concentration courses and three elective courses. Among the many elective courses include working internationally, communication and cultural memory, gender and social justice : Sex and power and global perspective, contemporary racial and ethnic relations, topics in global community engagement, and many more. You may complete this online degree in 24 months or 36 months depending on your pace. The University of Denver also offers their students the opportunity to take a course before they apply for the entire degree. If you are looking to pursue further education in the field of social science then head to their website for more information.

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