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Top 50 Degrees for the Future

As the world changes it is important that students choose degree programs that will provide them with an education that is relevant to the world of tomorrow. The world is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Industries that were relevant today may be gone tomorrow and replaced with entirely new fields of work that […]

Top 50 Degrees For Changing The World

As the world changes, it is important not to forget that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Through education, students are able to become more knowledgeable and more experienced to tackle the problems and issues of tomorrow. While some students seek out the degree programs that will yield them the highest […]

Top 50 Online Business Degrees

The world of business can be large and nebulous. For many students that know they want to work in business in some capacity, it is still very confusing to find exactly what degree program is best for their needs. Not only is it hard to determine which degree program is best for them, it’s hard […]

Top 50 Online Medical Degrees

Today, students have more choices than ever before. With so many different colleges and universities offering so many different degree programs, it can be challenging to decide what degree program is right for you. For this ranking, we decided that we wanted to focus on cutting through some of the clutter of available online medical […]

50 Best Free Online College Courses

With the advent of the online education revolution, we’ve found that more and more classes and resources are being offered online for students. But not only are we finding that students are able to gain high-quality educations online, but we’ve also found that many of these resources are now being offered for free to students […]

Top 50 Free International Universities for U.S. Students

For many students, the rising cost of tuition is the number one concern when determining where to enroll in college or whether to even pursue a higher education. While studying online has led to many more affordable opportunities for a higher education, many students are in search of even more savings. While some universities in […]

Top 25 Tuition-Free Colleges & Universities

If there is one thing on almost everyone’s mind when deciding to pursue a higher education it’s the cost. It’s no secret that the cost of colleges and universities have been on the rise. For many students, some colleges and universities are just far too cost-prohibitive to even consider. While online colleges have grown as […]

50 Best Online Master’s Degrees 2018

Deciding to pursue an online master’s degree is a great way for students to increase their marketability while also substantially increasing their earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of those with a master’s degree is $12,000/year more than those with just a bachelor’s degree. But choosing to pursue […]

25 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees for 2018

Choosing to pursue an undergraduate education is the first step towards earning a higher-salary and affording yourself greater employment opportunities. Deciding to pursue an undergraduate degree program online will help to ensure a greater return on your investment as you save money and time by pursuing your degree online. But for many students it may […]

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