Is a Master's Degree Necessary for Multimedia Design or am I Better Off Taking Individual Classes and Gaining More Work ExperienceThe Bureau of Labor Statistics states that multimedia artists must have a bachelor’s degree to gain employment. They also state that employers prefer job candidates with competent technical skills and a solid work portfolio. The competition in today’s job market is fierce, so a master’s degree in multimedia design will help job candidates learn valuable things that cannot be acquired on the job.

A Versatile Degree

Multimedia design is a results-driven field that thrives on creative brilliance, technical aptitude and demonstrable performance. A multimedia design graduate student will master the artistic skills and production strategies for creating videos, games, animation and photography for organizations. They will learn the organizational skills needed to synthesize text, audio and graphics into a final creation. After graduation, they will know the latest software libraries and information resources to resolve issues, promote innovation and manage digital content.

Degree Specializations

Employers want job candidates who are uniquely talented and prepared to solve tomorrow’s problems. Having a degree specialization will help with finding a specialized career. Some of the degree areas of specialization include graphic design, web development and multimedia hardware and software. A graphic design specialization involves tasks like image manipulation, photo retouching and newsletter and brochure creation. A web development concentration will involve things like HTML tags, navigational schemes and browser compatibility.

Transferable Skills

Graduate degree programs empower students with skills and knowledge that will translate well into career tasks. For example, understanding the history of art design will allow multimedia designers to conceptually analyze the needs of organizations that prefer traditional styles and formats. Knowing the historical progression of art and culture will help designers create products that connect with specific market demographics. Graduate students are required to hone their critical thinking skills through problem analysis, informed discussion and outcome evaluation.

The Pros of Work Experience

Some talented multimedia designers may slowly work toward a master’s degree while gaining experience, but they must already have the exact expertise that employers require. This means that multimedia designers who are applying for jobs must show that they are proactive collaborators and effective communicators who are aware of current visual arts and design software trends. Designers are usually assigned to multiple projects under tight deadlines, so impeccable production costs, time organization and project management skills are needed.

Recommended Classes

For designers who wish to study and work at the same time, here are some of the most useful online graduate classes to complete. Art classes include topics like 3D animation, digital sculpting and cross-culture storytelling. Advanced design classes include mobile programming, packaging design and printmaking. Recommended business classes might cover branding, advertising, applied media research. Students should consider improving their visual literacy and theoretical aesthetics. This will allow them to analyze and formulate complex spatial solutions.

The more education that a multimedia designer possesses, the more competitive they will be when hunting for jobs and applying for promotions. An accredited degree that is approved through a national organization is best. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design offers a list of accredited programs on their website.

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