In weighing the advantages and disadvantages of earning an associate of arts degree (AA) versus an associate of science degree (AS), there are likely more specific job opportunities for someone with an AS. Both degrees include fundamental information if a student wants to go on and earn a bachelors degree in art or science. The following looks at some of the significant details involved in earning either an AA or an AS.

Earning an Associate of Arts Degree

Two years is generally the length of time a student takes to earn an associate’s degree. An associates degree is designed to prepare a student for earning his or her bachelors degree. When a student studies for an associate of arts degree, he or she may be learning in general about the performing arts, literature, languages or even the fine arts such as music or art. This degree is helpful if a person plans to earn a bachelors degree with a focus on any of those specialties.

One of the advantages of having an associate of arts degree is that it doesn’t limit a person to one career. An individual can use what he or she learned in a variety of career fields including sales, restaurant management and education along with others.

Earning an Associate of Science Degree

Someone who spends two years earning an associate of science degree may have more career options open to him or her after graduation. For instance, a a registered nurse may have an associate’s degree on his or her resume. Of course, if a registered nurse plans to progress in the career field, he or she will likely need to invest in some more education. Some registered nurses have bachelors degrees in science, masters degrees and sometimes they have Ph.Ds.

There are other careers in the healthcare field that are open to people who have an associate of science degree. Some examples include a medical assistant, a caregiver or an administrative assistant in a physician’s office. In addition, a person with an associate of science degree can pursue a career in the field of social work or teaching.

Finally, the biggest difference between having an AA or an AS degree is that an associate of science degree can lead to more specific occupations while an AA degree may lead to jobs in a number of career fields. A student must remember that the main purpose of getting an associate degree in either the arts or sciences is to continue on to earn a higher level of education. This gives students a deeper knowledge of the subject they want to study.