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In these trying financial times, many high school students do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to get a degree that may not be worth the paper it is printed on. That is why this article will reveal the ten highest paying college majors for the Class of 2014.

1) Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering majors learn how to find and extract natural gas and petroleum from the ground. Some of the other topics that majors are taught in school include learning how to turn petroleum and gas into gasoline and other products, environmental concerns and safety issues.

Average starting salary: $96,200

2) Computer Engineering

Students in computer engineering programs study computer science, physics and mathematics in order to examine, design and develop computer software and hardware. College studies usually conclude with a capstone design project that demonstrates a student’s knowledge.

Average starting salary: $70,300

3) Chemical Engineering

Students in this major quickly learn how to manipulate the properties of chemicals. The material covered in college courses include the discussion of such issues as rust and environmental issues, as well as exploring how American factories use chemicals to make different products.

Average starting salary: $66,900

4) Computer Science

Students in computer science programs deal with computer systems. They also explore how human beings and computers interact on a scientific level. Coursework includes programming classes in languages such as Java and C++, as well as time spent in software design studies.

Average starting salary: $64,100

5) Aerospace Engineering

These students use their extensive math and science skills to take missiles, aircraft and spacecraft through the various stages of the design and development process. Other topics that students study include the following:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Engines
  • Flight Control
  • Launch
  • Orbits

Average starting salary: $63,900

6) Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering students study the art and science of machines and the energy that makes them operational. Students in this major also design and build their own machines.

Average starting salary: $63,900

7) Electrical Engineering

Students in this field of study learn about all aspects of electricity. Whether they examine how electricity works, its process of generation, or how it is used to power virtually everything on this planet, electrical engineering students will graduate with a formidable knowledge of one of Earth’s great energy sources.

Average starting salary: $62,500

8) Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology students learn to apply their scientific and engineering expertise in order to support engineering work. On a professional scale, engineering technologists fall between craftsmen and engineers.

Average starting salary: $60,900

9) Management Information Systems

Students in this field of study examine information systems and the role that they take in domestic and international businesses. MIS majors work with computer security systems, computer databases and networks.

Average starting salary: $60,300

10) Logistics and Materials Management

Majors learn to manage and supervise the daily progression of raw materials and other items through an organization or company. Study topics include the following:

  • Budgets
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing and Shipping
  • Quality Control

Average starting salary: $59,500

Due to the technological needs of our society, engineering graduates will earn the highest starting salaries of any college major for the foreseeable future. But despite the glut of engineering positions in this list, the average starting salaries of business majors went up by almost eight percent to $55,600.

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