Being a police officer requires extensive training, a good education, and a willingness to enforce the law. The problem for most high school students who eventually want to become a police officer is what they should take in college so they are a step closer to being an officer. It is true that there are no specific courses or college bachelor’s degrees that are meant for police officers, but there are specific degrees that may help you when becoming an officer.

Educational Requirements

An education is required, but it all depends on the position. For example, some positions may only need just a high school diploma while others need a college degree. More police departments are requiring applicants to have one or two college years or an associate’s degree. If you want a federal police job, then a bachelor’s degree is required. Getting in the federal agencies and urban departments may require a foreign language, but usually it’s just an additional benefit to getting this job.

Understand That No “One” Degree Will Benefit You Most

There are definitely a wide range of degrees that may help you become an officer or become a police chief, but there is no degree to get that you need that will specifically make you an officer. You’ll read on about a few degrees worth taking that will help you get on the right path.

What degree should I get to be a police officer?

Despite the fact that there is no required degree, one of the best to take is criminal justice. Students learn about law and the justice system. It combines a mixture of law, psychology, and public administration. Taking police science is another good degree most take. Political science is another great option.

Political science is a degree where you learn about the government and political policies, so it teaches you about law enforcement in some form. It is a good degree if you don’t want to focus on strictly criminal justice, but most police departments just require a degree regardless of what major you take.

Police Training

Before an officer officially joins the police force, they go through intense training at one of the many police academies. This program could last for upto 12 to 14 weeks long. Training involves learning about local ordinances, constitutional law, civil rights, and investing accidents. Everything ranging from traffic control to self defense is taught to make sure they are prepared for work on the job. Being a police is tough, so training must be passed.

Getting a college degree is a requirement if you really do want to get into the police force regardless of the position. You do not need a specific major since it will never make a difference in the eyes of employees. If you have a good education with great grades and you pass the police training successfully, you shouldn’t have trouble. However, it is always great to be more prepared and know about the law before working as a police officer.