50 Top Chinese Language and Cultural Studies Degree Scholarships

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One fifth of the world’s population is Chinese. And millions more Chinese pull the diaspora around the world. If there were one nation you should learn about for business purposes or to have a chance to connect with one of the widest swaths of humanity in the world, it would be Chinese. Increasingly, economic opportunity is birthed in the near east as well. Because of many of these factors, there are also a wide range of ways to fund an education in these subjects. Below we’ve compiled 50 of the most lucrative scholarships for Chinese language and cultural studies. Enjoy!


DegreeQuery.com is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships


  • $2,500-$18,000
  • The University of Kansas offers foreign language in area study fellowships. To be selected you must be a student immersed in the study of a critical language. Some of the critical languages include east Asian languages Latin American and Caribbean languages as well as African languages. The fellowships provide up to $10,000 for tuition and a $5000 stipend. Graduate academic year fellowships provide up to $18,000 for tuition and a $15,000 stipend. Additionally there is a $5000 summer tuition award and A $2500 stipend.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


Jill Kleinberg Scholarship


  • 1000
  • The University of Kansas offers the Jill Kleinberg scholarship which is a $1000 award to an undergraduate for study in an internship in east Asia. Priority is given to students pursuing double degrees in east Asian studies and business or taking courses in both areas. For more information and to apply head to their website.
  • Undergraduate


Okubo Award


  • Various
  • The Okubo Award named after the Genji Okubo is a long time supporter of Japanese studies at the University of Kansas. The Okubo Award is open to students who are pursuing Japanese studies and is open to graduate students and undergraduate students. For more information about this award head to their website.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


KU Project GO


  • Various
  • Project Go at the University of Kansas is a national initiative encouraging ROTC students across the country to study critical languages. Intensive language study is available on campus as well as abroad. For more information about the languages offered head to their website.
  • ROTC


Freeman East Asia Internship Scholarship


  • $2,500-$5,000
  • The University of Kansas offers the Freeman Foundation scholarships for East Asian Studies. The award amount ranges from $2500-$5000 for undergraduate and graduate KU students participating for credit during internships of six weeks duration or longer in East or South East Asia. These scholarships are provided through the support of the Freeman foundation.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


Academic Year Study Abroad Opportunities


  • Various
  • The University of Kansas works closely with the study abroad office to promote undergraduate and graduate study in China, Korea, Japan , and Taiwan. If you wish to study abroad in east Asia head to the KU office of study abroad.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


China Direct Exchange


  • Various
  • Students of the University of Kansas may take advantage of the China direct exchange: Nanjing University. Students participating in this program spend one year studying intermediate to advanced Chinese in Nanjing China. Some of the academic disciplines include Chinese, east Asian languages and culture, economics, history, humanities, philosophy and political science.
  • Undergraduate




  • Various
  • The Fulbright US student program is for all US students and including those enrolled at KU. To draft a statement of purpose for the Fulbright award you should include: while you’re applying for a Fulbright grant a detailed description of your research/study project, the methodology you will use for your research, and more.To submit an online application head to their website.
  • All


Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad


  • Various
  • The Fulbright-Hayes Doctoral Dissertation Research Program provides support for doctoral students who are conducting research. To be eligible you must be a citizen or permanent resident in the United States, be a graduate student in good standing at a US-based institution of higher education and plan to have a teaching career in the United States after completion of the doctoral program as well as possess language skills adequate to carry out the proposed dissertation research abroad.
  • Graduate, Doctoral


University of Hong Kong Study Abroad Scholarship


  • 6500
  • The KU university of Hong Kong study abroad scholarship is designed to provide funding to degree seeking undergraduate students to study at the University of Hong Kong through the KU office of study abroad. To receive this award you must have complete it at least one semester of a Chinese language course and meet the eligibility required minutes of the University of Hong Kong. Awards are up to $6500.
  • Undergraduate


Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Graduate Students


  • Various
  • The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas offers a number of fellowships and grants for graduate students including, The Academy for International Students a scholarship program for $36,000, the Charlotte W. Newcomb doctoral dissertation fellowship for $25,000, the David Alborán Graduate Fellowship, and others. For more information on these awards head to the website.
  • All


Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Undergraduate Students


  • Various
  • The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas highlights a number of awards for individuals looking to study the Chinese language or Asian studies. Some of these awards include: the KU Boren Awards, the Freeman East Asia award, the Critical Language Scholarship program, the Young Explorers Grant, Chinese University Scholarship Study in China the MOFA Taiwan scholarship, and others. For more information head to the website for the Center for East Asian studies at the University of Kansas.
  • All


KU Financial Aid & Scholarships


  • Various
  • The University of Kansas heavily subsidized individuals looking to study Asian languages. For more information and head to the KU financial aid and scholarship website.
  • All


KU Honors Program


  • Various
  • Are you in the honors program at the University of Kansas? There are many opportunities for scholarships and awards available to you. Honors program scholarships are funded by private donors and the amounts of the awards vary. For more information and to apply head to their website.
  • Honors

Institute for International Education Program Finder

  • Various
  • Are you looking to study Chinese abroad? Then head to the international Institute- the Institute for International Education. The IIE manages over 200 programs with participants from more than 180 countries. The Institute resources a number of scholarships and other awards. For more information and how to apply hand to their website.
  • Study Chinese


AAS Grants, Fellowship and Prizes


  • 2000
  • The Association for Academic Surgery offers grants and awards for individuals traveling to West Africa, Taiwan and, Columbia. The winner receives $2000 to cover the airfare and lodging as well as other related expenses. For more information and to apply head to their website.
  • Professional


Japan-America Student Conference


  • Several delegates support their JASC / KASC / CHASC exposure each year through need- and merit-based scholarships. While ISC does not explicitly offer scholarships, we’ve assembled a collection of options to assist you in your quest. If you have any financial assistance queries please email us at [email protected].
  • Need Based


Wegmann Scholarship


  • $1000-$2000
  • This scholarship assists undergraduate students at the College of Arts and Sciences learning Chinese and admitted to a study abroad program supported by the University of Oregon in mainland China , Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Scholarship sums can vary between $1,000-$2,000. The scholarship will be used to help students with other regular educational costs including tuition, insurance, books, miscellaneous supplements.
  • University of Oregon


Freeman Awards For Study in Asia


  • Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) offers grants for U.S. undergraduate candidates with a established financial requirement to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. A Freeman-ASIA award includes requirement-based support to help applicants with the costs of traveling abroad and associated expenditures, including airfare, daily housing costs, local transportation, books, etc.
  • Undergraduate



  • For both undergraduate and postgraduate students there are several opportunities to research in China and Taiwan, you only need to know where to look. Go to their website for more comprehensive details.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program


  • As technology continues to connect East to West, more Americans learn Chinese to participate effectively on the global marketplace in various fields, such as archeology, finance, sociology, and medicine. The CLS teaches Mandarin Chinese students, while giving students the opportunity to interact with the diverse local culture of China.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Program


  • NSLI-Y is part of the U.S. government initiative that prepares U.S. citizens to lead the world. It is important that Americans have the language skills and cultural knowledge to communicate effectively internationally. The NSLI-Y program aims to provide American youth with opportunities that will stimulate life-long interest in foreign languages and cultures.


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program


  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship is a grant program which allows students with limited financial capital to study or remain abroad and thereby obtain qualifications vital to our national security and economic competitiveness. The Gilman Scholarship Scheme is available to students who earn federal pell grants from college or university for two to four years to engage in research programs and internships around the globe.
  • Need-Based


Confucius China Studies Program (CCSP) Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship


  • Confucius China Research Program is a scholarship that provides generous support to Chinese PhD students. The Study Ph.D. Fellowship, spanning from six months to two years, offers funds for US graduate students seeking to conduct PhD studies in China. The Ph.D. Fellowship in China, which lasts from three to four years and offers support for students with MA degrees who want to undertake their Ph.D. in China.
  • Research Based


Blakemore Freeman Fellowships


  • The Freeman Foundation has awarded more than $18 million in scholarships to graduates, undergraduate students, teachers and practitioners in full-time Asian language studies for one academic year abroad. The awards include teaching and a grant for associated schooling, daily living and commuting expenses. Superior applicants in education, foreign commerce, banking, business, pharmacy, STEM (science , technology , engineering, mathematical science), media, design, education, charitable or non-governmental organisations and government department are invited to apply.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


Yenching Academy Fellowship


  • The Yenching Academy provides a large variety of interdisciplinary courses on China to its scientists and academics in a broad spectrum of fields in the humanities and social sciences. Yenching Scholars work together with their academic advisors and establish their own course by the compilation of courses from six fields of study. They engage in a number of extracurricular events and field experiments, arranged and planned by the Yenching Academy. Studying at the Academy offers the unique ability to engage both individually and actively in intercultural interactions and interdisciplinary research.
  • Study Abroad


Schwarzman Scholars


  • Every new Schwarzman Scholars’ cohort will join the world’s talented young leaders in building closer ties between China and a fast-changing globe. The background of the Schwarzman scholars is rooted in a comprehensive and creative Master of Global Relations at the University of Tsinghua, one of the leading universities in the world. Based on the highest traditions of Tsinghua and the world’s leading academic institutions, the program crosses the realms of education and educating students on leadership and the increasing position of China in the world, thus giving students unique learning experiences through high level lecture encounters with leaders from China and the globe.
  • University of Tsinghua


Princeton in Asia (PiA)


  • The PiA organization supports more than 150 scholarships and internships in 22 countries and regions and is special in its magnitude, complexity, long-standing experience and service focus, the oldest and largest of its type. The aim of the project is to provide highly qualified learners with meaningful, service-oriented opportunities and to address the needs of Asia as defined by our host institutions and Asian partners. PiA organizes bursary courses and internships with Asian host organizations that lead to core global local issues: schooling, public health , environmental protection, information / media access, economic growth and social justice. Bursaries are ways of promoting person-to – person communication, strengthening shared awareness, supporting societies with unmet needs and supplying fellows and host groups with meaningful experiences.
  • Internships


The Luce Foundation Luce Scholars Program


  • The Luce Scholars Program was introduced in 1974 by the Henry Luce Foundation to improve awareness of Asia between future American society leaders. It offers scholarships, language instruction and individualized career placement for 15-18 graduate students in Asia each year, and accepts application from college seniors and graduate students.


Teach For China


  • To Teach For China one needs the following qualities: understanding of the vision and purpose of Beautiful China, and expectation of having rural students improve and increase by funding for teaching ventures, quick thought, imaginative and constructive attitudes to studying and learning. Outstanding leadership skills.
  • Teacher


Intensive Chinese Language Scholarship


  • The EASC can provide scholarships of $1,500 for intensive Chinese language research during the summer or academic year, depending on the funding available. The aim of the award is to enable students who undertake double or dual graduate programs in Chinese and related fields to improve their learning of Chinese language skills. OSU graduates who are enrolled past first year (1101-1102) are qualified for Chinese language courses. This requires students who achieve either 1) Chinese in their first year in OSU or in another institution with identical outcomes or 2) Chinese Summer Intensive in OSU or in a related institution. Students who 1) are listed in the comprehensive chinese curriculum or have already completed an advanced Chinese language course, and 2) who already undertake or demonstrably intend a dual or double degree programme.
  • Research


Louise Zung-Nyi Loh Memorial Scholarship


  • OSU bachelor or graduate students with academic and/or study experiences in East Asian studies in any college or subject Description: Bursaries vary from $400 and $1,600. Application Process: things required to complete the online application include a declaration outlining your current and potential future academic and study involvement in East Asian studies as well as a summary of how the bursary can help you achieve your academic objectives (maximum one single room, typed page; in PDF format), the latest OSU advisory report, and a CV or a curriculum vitae (Preparation Process).
  • Ohio State University


Rotary International


  • The Rotary Foundation provides students and graduates grants to pursue peace and conflict resolution. Candidates seeking to complete a Master’s or Degree Program at one of our six member institutions will receive rotary peace fellowships. Read about Rotary peace fellowship eligibility criteria and limitations.
  • Peace or Conflict Studies


Beatrice A Demer Foreign Language Fellows


  • The Demers Foreign Language Fellowship program gives scholarships to people who are enthusiastic about languages and wish to learn foreign languages in an immersive environment. The applicants (students, faculty and staff) of the University of Rhode Island who meet the requirements are given priority.
  • Language Immersion


Fund For Education Abroad


  • The FEA ‘s goal is to provide scholarships and ongoing assistance to students who are under-represented in the U.S. study population abroad. FEA makes life-changing, international experiences available to everyone through the sponsorship of immigrant, community college, and college students of first generation before, during, and after they engage in foreign education programmes.
  • Under-Represented Students


URI Flagship Emergence Scholarship


  • The Chinese Flagship Immersion Program at University of Rhode Island is an eight-week Chinese residential immersion program designed for students participating in an intense, experiential learning experience focused on skills.
  • University of Rhode Island


Hanban Confucios Institute Scholarships


  • Cuiying Honors College (CHC) was founded in August 2010 as part of Chinese Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Program at Lanzhou University. to grow potential leaders in core disciplines with exceptional talent. The University of Lanzhou is one of only 19 universities that introduce this national program. CHC welcomes the top students who join their sophomore year at the University of Lanzhou. The top 100 students from four core sciences of mathematics, physics , chemistry and biology are selected each academic year.
  • Lanzhou University


Whittaker International Scholars


  • The Whitaker International Program sponsored emerging pioneers in U.S. biotechnology (or biotechnology) overseas. The program helped establish professional leaders who were not only great scientists, but also promoted the field from an international viewpoint.
  • Biotechnology


Taiwan Scholarship


  • The Taiwan Scholarship Program is designed to encourage talented students from abroad to pursue their degree in Taiwan in order to familiarize themselves with Taiwan’s academic environment and to foster contact, understanding and friendship between Taiwan and the international community.
  • Merit Based


Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship


  • Stipend for Doctor’s Degree in Chinese Teaching to Other Languages Speakers (DTCSOL): The program starts in September 2020 and offers scholarships for a period of four academic years. Applicants have a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, Teaching Chinese to Other Languages Speakers or Majors related to Education. Applicants have a minimum score of 200 on the HSK Test (Level 6), 60 on the HSKK Test (Advanced Level) and more than 2 y on the HSKK Test.
  • Doctorate


The Beijing Center Scholarships


  • The TBC Fall 2020 scholarships offer a $1,000 cash scholarship to all TBC students accepted and enrolled in the fall 2020 semester. Eligibility requirements: Students currently enrolled in any US universities and colleges Apply for TBC 2020 Fall Semester Study Abroad Program on or before TBC ‘s announced deadline (May 1 , 2020) Successfully accepted and enrolled in TBC’s Study Abroad ProgramPaid all TBC tuition fees and related fees. He was actively active in the orientation program for TBC. No criminal record whatsoever.


Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarship


  • The Ministry of Education ( MOE) has developed a MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (MOE HES) to enhance exchanges between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the countries designated by the MOE by encouraging foreign students to study Mandarin in Taiwan and to understand Taiwan’s cultural and social developments. Reward amount is a stipend of 25,000 NT$ per month.
  • Exchange Student


Freeman Asia


  • Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) offers scholarships in East or Southeast Asia for U.S. undergraduate students with a proven financial need to study abroad.
  • Need Based


Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship


  • Over the decades of its illustrious history, the Foundation has regularly and generously given higher learning institutes, research centers and schools both within and outside Singapore. Continuing its enthusiastic support for education, and reflecting the leadership of Tan Sri Tan among Singapore’s overseas Chinese, the Foundation made a generous gift to Yale-NUS in support of advancing Chinese studies and sinological work at the College in 2012. The endowment supports the study of the Chinese language by Yale-NUS students in addition to the establishment of the Tan Chin Tuan Professorship in Chinese Studies and the Tan Chin Tuan Chinese Culture & Civilisation programme. Yale-NUS students earn scholarships up to the sum of SGD 9,000 each.


Moe Huaya Scholarship


  • MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (MOE HES) was developed by the Ministry of Education ( MOE) to enhance exchanges between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and countries designated by the MOE by encouraging foreign students to study Mandarin in Taiwan and to deepen their understanding of Taiwan’s cultural and social developments.
  • Study Abroad


China Arts Fellowship


  • The China Arts Fellowship (CAF) seeks to cultivate the next generation of innovative thinkers and cultural leaders; people who understand opportunities and connections, and who pursue careers that promote meaningful exchange across the global stage. The CAF program provides select participants the opportunity to spend seven months living and studying Mandarin language in an international community at one of China’s top universities — Shanghai Jiao Tong University — while gaining hands-on professional experience working as an intern at a cultural or educational organization in Shanghai, or as a media outlet. The CAF program is a collaboration project between Confucius Institutes at UCLA and St. Petersburg State University in Russia, and University of Shanghai Jiao Tong.
  • UCLA