Okay, there’s not really a degree for Wedding Planning; however, it’s a growing field, and some colleges have caught on and now offer certification programs in this niche field. This is “the big day” for many people, so a professional planner is an amazing asset for those who may feel overwhelmed with the task.

Be sensitive to others needs. Be calming. Be a good listener. This might be the greatest day in someone’s life, but it’s also the most stressful and anxiety-producing, and you’re the one who has to keep everyone together. You may have to be as much psychologist and babysitter as organizer. But if you’re thinking of this profession, you already know that – and you must be aware of what you have to do.

So what are you waiting for? There are weddings to plan!

Featured Programs


You really don’t want to wing this. Even though it’s not required, a quality foundational program in Wedding Planning is key to your success. Many consist of 350 hours of training, and some are even completely offered online. Those hours break down to approximately a 6 month school program. Some schools require a GED or high school diploma.

The basic coursework you can expect in a certificate program is as follows:

  • wedding etiquette
  • venues
  • marketing
  • flowers
  • event music
  • cakes
  • business and contract law
  • organizational skills
  • public relations

A lot of these programs even set you up with templates of contracts and other business forms you will need when you start working. Internships can be set-up as well and are highly recommended.

A Wedding Planner may even consider Event Planning or Hospitality Management at the bachelor degree level at some point. The skills you attain from Wedding Planning will definitely be beneficial in those fields as well. Business classes are a good idea, too; you’re going to be out on your own, most likely, and you really need to know how to sustain a business. You’ll be a step ahead of the competition if you know how to handle marketing,


No formal License needed, however the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) has a membership opportunity for graduates of certain schools and they may be a valuable resource for the new Wedding Planner.

Job Expectations

Some Wedding Planners are sole-proprietors, meaning they are self-employed; others may work for an agency, hotel or resort, catering hall or bridal salon.

This is a serious job; you have to have impeccable social skills and incredible time management. You may have a Bridezilla that will praise you for a job well done after her event, or bury you if you were not up for the task, and something goes wrong. You must be prepared for this pressure.


If you think you’ve got what it takes, rest assured: for the amount of schooling you will need to do, this career pays really well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wedding Planners fall into the same categories as Meeting/Event and Convention Planners. And the data suggests that they earned a median salary of approximately $45k in May of 2012.