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Let me take a wild guess. Job security running on the race track called the brain. Is being sought-after, the newest hot commodity, the “hot shot” always has a job offer important? It’s what we all want. Right? Yeah, sounds great, whatever you do, don’t listen to those who might say that the perfect job doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t listen to the pessimists. Here is the list of fast growing jobs with an associate’s degree. Its here for you, Mr. or Mrs. Hot Shot.

Can you handle hospitals and needles? Don’t wait any longer, registered nurses are in demand and will continue to expand over the next decade. This great job has an expect growth over 700%. Don’t believe it? Here it is again. 700%. No, it is not a typo. Baby Boomers are retiring at lightening speed, the medical field needs qualified nurses to provide quality care and there is a shortage of nurses. Its all about supply and demand, the demand is only getting higher and the supply is getting lower. What are you waiting for? You’ve got a degree to earn and great career waiting.

Don’t stop there, the medical field is chock full of options. Health aides is a growing option, due to the aging population. Your pearly whites always need a little TLC, why not consider the dental assisting option? Dental assisting will to expand close to 50% over the 10 years. If the medical field doesn’t float your boat, an associates degree is will also get your foot in the door with some of the cutest rug-rats as a preschool teacher. The expected growth rate is 143% over the next ten years.

In the age of technology, going in the computer industry will never fail you, especially information management and networking. What business in the great land of America is not using computers? Information technology is now hot, hot, hot. Managing electric information systems is the name, syncing computers is the game. If you are good at management, information technology and troubleshooting network and computer problems, your future is looking good. If you’re looking for job security, have even just a slight interest in computers, this industry has endless possibilities as a career move.

Is business administration something you would enjoy? This in-demand degree is great, in part, because it has great flexibility. Are you thinking of working in a bank? Business programs often include finance classes. Does working in communications, marketing, or e-commerce appealing? The wonderful world of business administration could be in your future and can cover some relevant topics. Whether you want to work for the corporate giants, a local business, or start your own business, business administration is a great way to prepare yourself.

Want to know the best kept secret? The medical field always has been and always will be in demand, computers and technology is changing at a fast rate, education is what keeps our future shining bright and science has endless opportunities. These awesome careers will be moving at lightening speeds and always have endless demands. The job force is constantly changing and switching gears from manufacturing to information, innovation, and health services. If you want to make outstanding money and have secure future, keep your eyes on the goals, reach towards a degree in these fields and get ahead!

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