Are Online MBAs Worth It?

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More and more people are considering the option of returning to school to pursue their MBA. In many cases, the reality of having a family, job and fast-paced life creates scheduling conflicts that can be difficult to resolve. This leads a significant number of MBA seekers to evaluate their online options. Over the last several years, the opportunity to earn an advanced degree online as increased drastically. Even traditional institutions now offer online programs for their students.

One of the concerns that are associated with earning and online MBA is whether the degree will be worth the money and effort put into earning it. Based on recent data that has been released, online degrees increase career opportunities, earning potential and field options.

Increased Job Security

One of the benefits of earning an online degree is increased job security. An MBA validates that you have a higher level of expertise in your given field. The higher the level of expertise, the fewer people that you are in competition with for jobs and career opportunities. By increasing your training, knowledge and skill set, your value to your current or potential employer increases in correspondence.

Earning an online MBA will afford you greater mobility in your specific field, also giving greater gravity to your opinions and insight. The more intrinsic value that you are able to bring to the table the more overall value you provide to your employer.

Income Growth

According to "Forbes," the number of people enrolled in part-time or online degrees has increased dramatically over the last several years, with more people enrolled in part-time degree programs than there are in the traditional full-time programs. Statistics on salaries reveal that earning an MBA can increase earning potential by a minimum of seven percent. The degree at which your earning potential will increase will vary with the specific field chosen and the employer.

Improved Competence and Confidence

Earning an online MBA will provide an enhanced skill level that will lend to your competence level. Regardless to the industry that you are planning on entering, the competencies that you gain through furthering your studies will have value with potential or current employers. The power of an MBA is its diversity. This is due to the fact that business is embedded in the core of all industries – everything from healthcare to finance.

Your increased competence will also provide a heightened level of confidence, which will also be revealed in your level of work, assertiveness and overall impact. The confidence and the competence gained from earning an online MBA will serve as a massive benefit to your career potential

Validity and Acceptance

One of the concerns that many students have is whether potential employers will view an online degree with less gravity than a degree earned on a traditional university campus. Actually, more employers are viewing online education as a genuine avenue of pursuing an advanced degree. According to a recent report by CNN, the majority of employers view a degree as a degree, regardless of the method used to earn it. There are some who have concerns about validity and reputation, but that has more to do with the institution from which the degree is earned than the method used to earn it. Employers are impacted by the school where the degree is earned more than the manner in which the student earned the degree.

One thing that should be noted is the fact that rarely will the issue of methodology become an problem.

Networking Opportunity

Although you will not be studying on a traditional campus, you will still have the opportunity to benefit from one of the oldest standing benefits of higher education – building a network. The internet has not only created the ability to study and earn a degree online, but it has created a powerful platform through which you will be able to build new relationships and develop network connections. These relationships that you will build during your studies will have a massive impact throughout your career. You will find that many of these relationships will lead to future opportunities.

Earning an online degree is definitely worth it – for more than a few reasons. Pursuing an online education will allow you to improve your overall career positioning while maintaining stability in your existing life.