Is it Easy to Work for Yourself as a 3D Modeler?

When it comes to the field of 3D modeling, one of the main perks is the fact that people can choose to work in both the corporate world and the self-employed 3D modeling spheres. This is because there is a fairly even division between the market demand for individuals who companies can outsource their projects to as well as those who are always accessible as employees. Thus, aspiring professionals who are considering this field should remember that their career could go in various directions depending on their preference.

In terms of the sole-proprietor industry, however, some important benefits have to be considered. The first benefit is the fact that modelers who chose to travel on the freelancing path will be able to manipulate their projects in any way that they want. Additionally, they will be given unparalleled freedom for time management so long as the deadlines are met. So, what exactly does it take to be a self-employer 3D modeler? More importantly, is it easy to work for yourself in this particular market?

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While this may sound disappointing, any other answer than “it depends” would be completely wrong. The reason why is the fact that there are no clear-cut guidelines that state exactly how hard it is to work for yourself as a 3D modeler. Therefore, it is practically impossible to objectively quantify the difficulty associated with the job and scenario. Nonetheless, however, there are a few key inputs that can be analyzed to determine what kind of workers will find it fairly easy to have a lucrative career without depending on a 9-to-5 job in this sector. Those factors include things like your skillset, prior experiences, networking, the region of operations, as well as any existing connections.


The first crucial skill that will be a great indicator of how easy it may be for you to start a 3D modeling career as a freelancer is your skillset. Your skillset is directly proportional to your popularity in a particular business. For instance, if your portfolio is showcasing countless engagements that were spread over a dozen different industries with outstanding results, you will be much more popular. This will make it easier to attract new clients and establish long-term relationships with them that can help you run your venture for many years. If your skillset is limited to the basic understanding of complex 3D modeling techniques and you have no unique attributes, most clients will skim over your application for projects without glancing over it twice. So, the more proficient that you are, the more likely it is that you will find it easy to keep up a fruitful career working for yourself.

Prior Experiences

Unless you are planning to start by becoming a freelancer immediately, you will have some prior 3D modeling experience that should be mentioned. The reasoning here echoes the previous one. Your prior engagements will help demonstrate to potential clients your previous track-record on ventures that might be similar to their current needs. This also means that you should avoid jumping into the self-employment sphere before you get at least some exposure.


Although the aforementioned two factors are very significant in the career of a self-employed 3D modeler, there is something even more important. According to Forbes, networking refers to your ability to connect with prospective clients, raise awareness about your offering in the market, and maintain long-term relationships with prior associates. That way you will be able to utilize them on a repeated basis and help yourself find new demand whenever needed. For example, a 3D modeler that is highly skilled with networking will usually be able to get a decent inflow of new buyers of his or her service with nothing more than a few meetings. This is because they fully comprehend how to sell their services in a way that will maximize the odds of prospective buyers becoming actual customers. Not to mention that gaining customer loyalty is one of the toughest skills that is seldom brought up in institutions of higher education. Nonetheless, being familiar with it could help you keep a perpetual inflow of income from a wide range of reliable customers.

Region of Operations

Next, you should look into your region to gauge how likely it is that a freelancer 3D modeler could prosper. Fortunately, however, even if you reside somewhere where the demand is not as high, the development of online software has made it possible to sell services across the globe. Regardless, you should realize that living in Alaska, for example, is going to be much less convenient than living in Los Angeles, California, which has been classified as the second-best market for this practice by Life Wire magazine. As stated, however, it is possible to compensate for the fact that you reside in a low-profile region by presenting your outstanding networking skills. Utilizing those networking talents to convince the buyer to simply work with you online could allow you to overcome the proximity issues.

Existing Connections

Finally, you should always consider who your current connections are. If you have been a self-employed 3D modeler for quite some time, you should possess a fairly large book of business. What are the odds that you will be given simple engagements and powerful recommendations from previous clients or associates? If they are high, you will probably think that working as a freelancer is very easy. If not, the situation might be more vice-versa-like.

Although it certainly depends on your circumstances, there are some simple tricks to help you pinpoint just how easy or hard it is to be a sole-proprietor. If you happen to be thinking about becoming a self-employed 3D modeler, you should go through the aforementioned points of interest to precisely determine how much effort something like that would necessitate.

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