Students can earn a master’s degree at a number of different colleges and universities found across the globe. In order to take part in a master’s degree program, a student will first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

What is a Master’s Degree?

Earning a bachelor’s degree takes about four years. Earning a master’s degree takes an additional one to three years. The exact amount of time that it takes to earn any type of degree of course depends on how many courses a student takes at any given time. It takes part-time students considerably longer to complete degree programs than full-time students. Some colleges allow a person to combine their bachelor’s degree studies with their master’s degree programs; however, doing so will mean a student will have to complete five consecutive years of studies.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree

Most people who earn a master’s degree do so in order to increase their salary levels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a person with a master’s degree averages $11,000 more a year than someone who holds a bachelor’s degree in the same area of study. Due to the popularity of master’s degrees, they now account for 25 percent of the degrees earned in the United States. Master degrees that focus on business and health studies make up more than 50 percent of the degrees earned. Some job positions require that a person obtain a master’s degree, including many positions in the healthcare industry such as physical therapist.

Types of Master’s Degree Programs

There are many types of master’s degree programs for students to enter into. When a student enters into a master’s degree program, he or she does not necessarily have to have a bachelor’s degree in the same area of study; however, it is valuable to have a degree in a related-subject. Some of the most popular types of master’s degree programs include the following:

MSW– If a person wants to become a clinical social worker, he or she will need a master’s in social work (MSW). Generally, this type of degree takes about two years to earn.

MFW– If a person wants to enter into the writing or theater industry, it can be very valuable to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA). Generally, this type of degree takes anywhere from two to three year to earn. After earning such a degree, a person is usually qualified to be a professor at a college or university, teaching courses related to writing and/or theater.

MBA– One of the most popular types of master’s degrees earned in today’s society is the master of business administration (MBA). This type of degree can usually be earned in about two year’s time. Courses taken during this type of degree curriculum usually focus on ethics, communication, accounting, and much more.

Online Master’s Degree Programs

Almost all types of master’s degree programs can be completed online; however, some programs require that a student take part in internships in addition to completing online courses. For example, a MSW program will require that a student obtain a certain number of fieldwork hours before the program can be successfully graduated from.