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As the world moves more and more online, the need for cyber defense, intelligence, and general cyber safety measures has skyrocketed. The global cyber security market was valued at 156.5 billion dollars in 2019 and is expanding by a CAGR of 10%.

Cyber security scholarships are some of the most valuable scholarships available often leading not only to a huge award but even an entry-level government job to boot. If you happen to be a female, your opportunities for an incredible pay off go up exponentially. So whether you’re an undergraduate or a non-traditional student who is changing careers, cyber security is a smart choice. Here’s a list of some of the top 50 best cyber security scholarships out there.

CyberCorps Scholarship for Service

  • various
  • The scholarship for service program is designed to recruit talented individuals in the field of information technology, industrial control system security and, security cyber security. This program provides scholarships to support cyber security undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships are funded through the National Science Foundation. Additionally, recipients are offered a place of employment with the US government.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate employment opportunity

ISSA Education Foundation Scholarships

  • Various
  • The ISSAEF scholarship committee offers three scholarships in the amount of $2000 $3500 and $3500 to be eligible for the scholarship a student must be pursuing a career in computer science with a focus on information security or privacy. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students in this field. Applicants do not need to be and I SS a member.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate

Women in Defense HORIZONS Scholarship

  • various
  • The Horizons women in defense scholarships aim to encourage women who are pursuing a career in technology, defense, or foreign policy national security. The National Defense Industrial Association aims to increase diversity in the workplace. The amount of the award varies. Applicants must be a female currently enrolled or expected to enroll in an accredited university. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. Applicant should have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and be a US citizen. The fields of study that are included in this award are: security studies, military history, government relations, engineer in, computer science, cybersecurity, physics, mathematics, business, law, international relations, political science and others. Awards are in various amounts.
  • College Students Women

SAIC CyberWarrior Scholarship

  • Various
  • The SAIC cyber warriors scholarship is a program created to help military veterans returning to a civilian workforce. Applicants must be US citizens and have been honorably discharged from one of the five branches of the United States military. Those currently serving in the national guard or as reservists are eligible for consideration of this award.
  • Veterans Recruitment

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

  • Tuition + Stipend
  • The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship in conjunction with the United States Navy and United States Airforce is designed to increase the number of US citizens trained in cyber defense skills. If you are looking to puruse reserach at the doctoral level in one of the following areas, you should apply: aeronautical and astronautical engineering; biosciences; chemical engineering; chemistry; cognitive, neural and behavioral sciences; electrical engineering; geosciences; civil engineering; computer and computational sciences; materials science and engineering; mathematics; mechanical engineering; naval architecture and ocean engineering; oceanography; and physics
  • Doctoral, PhD, Research Research
  • Tuition + Stipend
  • This scholarship is in three parts: Scholarships for DoD personnel, Scholarships for non-DoD students, and Grants to Schools all of which promote recruitment and retention of highly qualified personnel in the field of information assurance.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, PHD, Professional Center of Academic Excellnce (CAE)

ISSA Foundation Scholarships

  • $500-$3,500
  • The ISSAEF organization offers a range of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. To be eligible for the scholarships students must be pursuing a career in information security or privacy. Undergraduate students should have a GPA of 2.5 for or higher or 3.0 for graduate students.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate merit-based

Lint Center

  • $500-$1,500
  • The Lint Center for National Security offers a variety of scholarships for students who are looking to further their education and career in the areas of counter intelligence, international affairs, and national security. The amounts for the scholarships range from $500-$1500. Graduate students including PhD students are encouraged to apply
  • Graduate Students, PhD

ICMCP Black Hat Scholarship

  • $50,000 in value
  • The Black Hat community provides a number of cybersecurity related scholarship programs including the following: black hat veteran scholarship program, the EWF scholarship, the COVID-19 relief scholarship count, the blacks in Cyra security scholarship. Scholarships vary in amount up to $50,000.
  • $5,400-$10,800
  • The Naval research enterprise internship program is an internship. The NREIP provides opportunities for college students to participate in research at the Department of Navy laboratory during the summer. The purpose of this program is for students to engage in further education via mentoring in to participate in research making them aware of the DON research and technology efforts. This is a 10-week summer research lab.
  • College Students

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

  • $46,000 in value
  • The NSFGRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students involved in the national science foundation stem disciplines who are pursuing research-based masters and doctoral degrees. This is a five your fellowship that includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000. Additionally recipients receive a $12,000 education allowance.
  • Graduate Degree, Master’s, PhD Research

The Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program

  • $25,000-$38,000 + tuition
  • The SMART scholarship award aims to recruit highly skilled individuals to work for the department of defense. More than 3000 scholars have received a full tuition as well as guaranteed employment. The scholarship amounts vary depending on degree level including stipend paid at a rate of $25,000-$38,000 a year depending on the degree level. Additionally, recipients participate in a summer research internship ranging from 8 to 12 weeks in length. Health insurance allowance is included up up to 1000, and a miscellaneous allowance of $1000 per academic year. Upon completion of the degree recipients are offered employment at a DOD facility.
  • undergraduate, graduate award plus employment opportunities

National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service (SFS)

  • $22,500-$34,000
  • The national science foundation’s cyber course scholarship for service program is aligned with the US national cyber security strategy. The goal of the cyber core program is to recruit highly qualified and do individuals with skills related to cyber security and homeland security including cyber defense, cyber operations. This program provides opportunities for undergraduate students and graduate students. The amount of the scholarship is $22,500 for undergraduate students and $34,000 for graduate students.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate recruitment

CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program

  • $18,000 + Salary
  • The Central intelligence agency offers an undergraduate scholarship program. This program is a needs-based initiative for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. Applicants should be scholars college or university on a full-time basis and will work during their summer breaks at the agency. The program is an $18,000 tuition assistance program up to $25,000 per year.
  • Undergraduate, under represented communities need-based

Morphisec’s Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

  • $1,000-$2,500
  • The Morphisec Women in Cyber Security Scholarship is a group of scholarships offered to female students studying degrees in cyber security, information assurance, information security, information system security and other disciplines of computer science. The first place award is for $2500 the second place the words for $1500 in third place award is for $1000.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Woman

Infosec Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

  • 50000
  • The Infosec Cybersecurity cares scholarship is for professionals who are considering changing careers. The scholarship is open to current cyber security professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills and advancing to her in careers. Scholarship will give recipients the skills they need and experience needed to secure an entry-level entry level professional cybersecurity position. Five of the recipients will receive a complementary COMPTia network + and COMPTia security + training and certification vouchers from infosec. The value of this program exceeds $50,000.
  • Adults starting a new career

NPS Civilian Master’s Degree Scholarship

  • 43000
  • The NPS Naval postgraduate schools center for cybersecurity and cyber operations offers a scholarship program. This is a merit-based program for excellent students in a STEM career or MONARCH program. Students will be paid up to $43,000 annually. The money is used for tuition as well as academic books and professional development. The civilian masters degree scholarship program recipients will receive their masters degree and move onto civilian government jobs in organizations such as the CIA, FBI, and others. The emphasis of this program is information assurance.
  • College Students merit-based

The Stokes Program

  • 30000
  • The Stokes educational scholarship program was proposed in into legislation in 1986. The purpose of this program as facilitate and recruit high school students who have an interest and skills related to the NSA. Minority high school students will be prioritized. The amount of the scholarship is $30,000.
  • High School Students, Minority Students need-based, recruitment

Microsoft STEM Scholarship Program

  • 25000
  • The Microsoft STEM Scholarships are $25,000 scholarships for any individual who is enrolled in a four-year college or university in the United States Canada or Mexico. Applicants should have a demonstrated record of academic achievement and must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average out of a 4.0 scale. This scholarship is merit based. If you are in an unrepresented group including minority or a female you are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Undergraduate, Diversity 3.0 GPA

USGIF’s Doctoral & Stu Shea Endowed Scholarship

  • 15000
  • The USGIF’s doctoral and and Stu Shae endowed scholarship is intended for students who are interested in working in Geospatial science with an emphasis given to students involved in defense and/or intelligence. The eligible applicants are interested in using Geo spacial science data and technologies to address human security issues. Past recipients are also encouraged to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a PhD student studying cartography, geography, or imaging Science.
  • PHD geospatial sciences

ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

  • 15000
  • The ESET triples women in cyber security scholarship award designed to support women in technology. The amount for the award is $15,000 the ESET will award three women $5000 each. In order to qualify for the scholarship he must be a female enrolled were excepted to an accredited undergraduate or graduate program in the United States. Applicants should make clear that they aspire to pursue a career in the cyber security industry.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Women

Raytheon’s Women’s Cyber Security Scholarship

  • 10000
  • The Raytheon CCDC women cyber security scholarship is a scholarship for women pursuing a degree in cyber security. Applicants must have participated in at least one national collegiate cyber defense competition. Recipients will receive a $10,000 scholarship for tuition fees and books. Applicants will need their unofficial transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a resume, as well as a statement of purpose in order to apply. Criteria considered for selection include passion, meric, and financial need.

SourceFire SNORT Scholarship

  • 10000
  • The SNORT scholarship is intended for high school seniors who are graduating and intending to head to college to study technology. Applicants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent of. Additionally applicants need to provide evidence to Cisco that they are seeking a degree in computer science, information technology, computer networking, cyber security or a similar related field.
  • High School Student

KnowBe4 Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

  • 10000
  • The Know B4 women in Cyberecurity scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship as well as a three month paid internship with Know B4. Applicants must be females who are planning to pursue a degree with a focus on cyber security. The applicant may be an undergraduate student, graduate ,or post graduate student and have a GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate 3.3 GPA

USGIF’s RGi Geospatial and Engineering Scholarship

  • 10000
  • This USGIF RGi Geospatial and engineering scholarship is for undergraduates. The RGI scholarship for geospatial and engineering is offering a $10,000 award to one undergraduate student who has an interest both in engineering as well as the geospatial disciplines. Additionally this is a need-based scholarship.
  • Undergraduate need-based

USGIF’s RGi Scholarship Geospatial and Engineering

  • 10000
  • The USGIF Ken Miller scholarship for advanced remote sensing is a $10,000 scale scholarship for one student involved in geospatial intelligence. The scarlet ship is aimed at students who wish to enter the intelligence workforce. This is for masters level students and is only available to US citizens as well as permanent residence.
  • Master’s level

Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) Program Scholarship

  • 10000
  • The SWSIS is in partnership with the applied computer security associates to promote representation of women in the information security workplace. These scholarships are $10,000 and are offered to the number of women each year. Applicants should be women who are studying information security. Scholarships are available to undergraduates in their junior or senior years or graduate enrolled in a masters degree program.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Women

NCWIT Collegiate Award

  • 10000
  • The NCWIT collegiate award honors undergraduate and graduate students who identify as the following, women, gender queer, or non-binary. To be eligible to apply you must be an individual who self identifies as one of those a high school graduate a member of the NCWIT and currently enrolled in a post secondary institution with a major or minor in computing or engineering.It’s award winner receives a trip to the NCWOT summit on Wiman in IT and award and engraved a word as well as $10,000 in cash.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate LGBTQ, Women

(ISC)² Women in Information Security Scholarship

  • 8000
  • The ISC Wiman scholarship is for a female who is planning to pursue a degree with a focus on cyber security. Selections will be made based on three categories: merit, passion, and financial need. The GPA must be at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale and the applicant may be a high school student, undergraduate student, graduate student, or post graduate student.
  • High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Graduate Need-based, Merit-based

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

  • 7000
  • Palantir offers a women in technology scholarship to support women who are beginning careers and technology. All recipients are awarded a $7000 grant as well as professional development opportunities and breakouts with their engineers. If you are an active full-time undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited US Canadian or Mexican university you are eligible to apply. Freshman sophomores and juniors you’re majoring in our plan to major in a science and technology field or STEM subject are welcome to apply.
  • Undergraduate Women

Harold F. Tipton Scholarship

  • 5000
  • The Harold F Tipton Memorial scholarship is administered by the Center for Cyber Safety. It was introduced in 2012 for university students who are pursuing cyber, information, software, and infrastructure security degrees. The scholarship is for $5000.
  • College Students

(ISC)² Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship

  • 5000
  • The ISC’s undergraduate scholarship is for $5000. In order to be eligible for the scholarship the applicant must be pursuing or plan to pursue a degree focusing on cyber security or information assurance. The applicant may be a senior in high school, undergraduate who is currently a junior freshman and sophomore or senior. The GPA minimum is 3.3
  • High School, Undergraduate 3.3

ESET Women in Cyber Technology Scholarship

  • 5000
  • The ESET women and cyber technology scholarship is a $5000 scholarship awarded to three women in the field of cyber security. In order to be eligible to apply you must be a female enrolled or accepted in an undergraduate or graduate program in the US. In your application you should mention that you want to have a career in the cyber security industry.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Female

Powerline Prodigies Student Scholarship

  • 5000
  • The powerline grade student scholarship is a $5000 scholarship for students who are enrolled or intend to enroll in an undergraduate program at an accredited accredited institution in Long Island, New York. Students must be pursuing a degree in one of the following areas: computer science, technology, and software development additionally students must demonstrate a passion for computer science and technology.

AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship

  • 5000
  • The AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship for all students attending or enrolled as a sophomore or junior at a full-time four-year college or university. Applicants must be enrolled in one of the following majors: cyber security, computer science, digital forensics, information assurance, information technology, electronica engineering, and other field related to the support of US cyber enterprises.
  • Undergraduate


  • 4000
  • The AFIO scholarship is for undergraduate scholars as well as graduate scholars. Students intending to study in the schools of engineering science technology and show an extensive foreign language background in the following languages: Arabic diary, Farsi, pasta, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Hausa another sub-Saharan African languages, Hebrew, Punjabi, Somali, Swahili, Turkish and, Urdu are strongly encouraged to apply to this program.The amount of the scholarship is $4000.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate


  • 3500
  • The life choice foundation graduate scholarship is a $3500 scholarship. This scholarship is available to graduate students with a career focus in national security or intelligence they must be a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers AFIO or child or grandchild of a member of the AFIO. Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their need for the scholarship as well as their career goals a resume, and academic transcript as well as one recommendation.
  • Graduate AFIO members

UMSA Foundation Scholarship

  • 3000
  • UMSA foundation launched a scholarship program to support inter-disciplinary collaboration and education. The scholarship program is able to provide four $3000 scholarships as well as eight $1000 scholarships for undergraduate as well as graduate students in the following fields: business continuity and disaster recovery, cyber security, governance, and risk and compliance in physical security. Applicants should be enrolled in a college or university or in a continuing education program.The following Midwest states are participating in this program: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate midwest states

Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship

  • 3000
  • The Ralph W Schrader graduate diversity scholarship is for women and /or minority students pursuing a degree in a STEM/hard sciences area. Focuses include information technology, cyber security, telecommunications, electronic support defense, homeland security, and intelligent communities. To apply provide a brief synopsis of your work experience, your undergraduate transcripts, a current resume, and two letters of recommendation. Recipients will receive a $3000 award.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Diversity

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Rhode Island Chapter Academic Scholarship

  • 2000
  • The association of certified fraud examiner’s Rhode Island chapter academic scholarships are available for qualified students. The individual must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in an accredited Rhode Island college or university with a declared major in accounting, criminal justice, criminology, law, or law-enforcement. This is a $2000 scholarship.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate Rhode Island

Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology

  • 2000
  • The deputy scholarship for women in technology is a $2000 scholarship awarded to one person who is in a full-time student enrolled in an accredited public or private US-based college. Applicants must be majors or minors in one of the following areas: computer science, technology, computer information systems, information technology, software engineering, cyber security, multi media computing, or other technology majors. Deputy is committed to bringing more diversity and inclusion to the technology industry.
  • Undergraduate Diversity Focus


  • 1200
  • The Colonel Sully H de Fontaine award is in honor of the memory of Colonel de Fontaine’s lifetime in-service. To be eligible for this award you must be pursuing an undergraduate degree with the intent of becoming employed within the United States intelligence community. The amount for this award is $1200.
  • Undergraduate

Vector Loss Prevention Scholarhip

  • 1000
  • The goal of the Loss Prevention Scholarship program is to provide credentials to individuals in a retail setting. These scholarship provide fundings for course materials and exams.
  • All Professionals in retail

(ISC)² Richmond-Metro Chapter Scholarship

  • 1000
  • The Richmond metro chapter scholarship is a cyber safety and education scholarship for the amount of $1000 to be made out to high school juniors or freshman planning to study cyber security, information assurance or a related field. Applicants are scored on the following areas: passion, merit, and financial need the following counties are included in the scholarship Richmond, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg in the following counties Hanover,, Goochland, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, Chesterfield, Charles City, Dinwiddle, Prince George and King William.
  • High School, Undergraduate

Graduate Information Security Scholarship

  • 1000
  • The graduate information security scholarship for $1000 goes to students in rolled in a graduate degree program with this focus on cyber security, information assurance, and information security. The criteria is as follows: prior academic success high school, GPA American academic awards and other merit based scholarships high school involvement as well as a demonstrated need for funding. Applicant should have a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • High School

PG&E Better Together STEM Scholarship Program

  • 1000
  • The PG&E better together STEM scholarship program has supported local educational initiatives for a number of years. Applicants will be determined based on the following criteria: financial need, demonstrated academic achievement, school or community leader ship. The focus of this program is to help students engage. This is a $1000 award.This $1000 award may be given to high school seniors current college students, veterans and adults, and anyone returning to school.
  • High School, College, Adults Returning to School Need-based, Merit-based

Undergraduate Information Security Scholarship

  • 1000
  • Harmony tech provides financial aid to students by way of the undergraduate information security scholarship. The scholarship is for undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program with a focus in cybersecurity, information assurance, or information security. This is both a merit based and need-based scholarship. Students should have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Dotcom-Monitor Women in Computing Scholarship

  • 1000
  • Dotcom Monitor would like to encourage and support female undergraduate students pursuing careers in computing.The scholarship amount is for $1000. The scholarship is open for women who are enrolled as a full-time undergraduate students in a college or university in the United States or Canada. Applicant should submit a 500 word essay.
  • Undergraduate Woman

NCFTA Cyber-Scholars Scholarship Program

  • 1000
  • The NCFTI is a $1000 scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship you must be pursuing a degree with a focus on cyber/IT security. Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be US citizens or permanent legal residence. Additionally students should have demonstrated commitment to a career in cyber security as well as proven ability to work in a team financial need as well as academic merit.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate 3.0 GPA

US Cyber Challenge Scholarships

  • 500
  • The US Cyber Dhallenge is a multi-week challenge with an aim to recruit highly qualified individuals in the field of cyber security. This is a free online cyber security competition that ends in a “capture the flag” style competition we’re winners win the scholarship as well as prizes. Prizes and scholarship amounts will vary.
  • Competition

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