In a world where college diplomas are pursued in record numbers, students will want to obtain degrees that can be immediately put to good use. In an economy that is struggling to right itself, there are still a number of majors that are looked upon quite favorably by employers in a wide variety of fields. Here are five degrees that will make recent graduates employable more often than not.

1. Computer Science Degrees

A degree in computer science can be used in various industries. In addition to working on highly technical mechanical and electrical projects, graduates might also be hired by the government. Federal defense projects, in fact, often need young people who are experienced in sophisticated coding techniques. Even further, all multinational corporations employ information technology experts to oversee their customer service departments. An intimate knowledge of the latest computer software will be vital to the success of these companies.

2. Nursing Degrees

As large numbers of men and women begin to enter retirement, nurses will be needed on a scale that has not previously been seen. With the growing elderly population, geriatric centers and assisted living facilities will surely expand in the coming years. Senior citizens who have begun to show signs of dementia will require round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives. Nursing degrees will therefore give recent graduates an excellent chance at landing jobs immediately after they have left school.

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3. Aerospace Engineering Degrees

With the ambitious space program recently put forth by NASA, aerospace engineers will find plenty of opportunities for advancement. The ultimate goal of the space agency is to eventually send humans to Mars. Such a daring endeavor will require the expertise of engineers for the development of new sources of fuel going forward. Even if engineers are not employed by NASA, however, they will still find plenty to do in the commercial sphere. They might work to produce missiles, airplanes, helicopters, and weather satellites.

4. Marketing Degrees

In a world where business is surely king, marketing degrees will continue to fetch handsome salaries as the years roll forward. Marketing professionals work on everything from print and digital advertising to homepage design. Because the marketplace is a fiercely competitive arena, all reputable businesses will be looking to develop marketing departments to help them succeed. Marketing degrees that have been bundled with minors in business, finance, or accounting will be especially useful.

5. History Degrees

Professional historians will have developed a number of skills that will be prized by employers. In addition to being superb communicators and writers, historians will also be able to sketch out how past trends are likely to continue into the future. Men and women with history degrees can pursue careers as teachers, business analysts, writers, and archivists.

The Bottom Line

In the end, versatile degrees will make young people employable in today’s fast-paced world. As engineers, historians, nurses, and marketing experts, graduates will be perfectly capable of building successful careers. By choosing the right major, employability should never be an issue.

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