Will a Ph.D. Help Me in the Field of Tech SupportWhen it comes to the value of a Ph.D. in the hunt for a tech support job, at the end of the day, it’s all about that particular Ph.D.’s potential applicability to the world of tech support work. A Ph.D. in chemical engineering, for example, won’t likely set one up for success in technical support work. What kinds of Ph.D.s do apply to tech support and thus handily open job opportunities therein? Here are some that fit the bill.

Ph.D. in Information Technology

Plainly defined, information technology is the core study of how computers interact with information. This involves its use, storage, transport, manipulation, accessibility, and more. A doctorate holder in information technology is expertly trained in what much of tech support work is all about: computers. While the knowledge of physical and electrical components of technical support don’t necessarily fall under this discipline, they can certainly be learned and with great perspective coming from an IT background.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Computer science is the specific study of the actual processes that computers use in their handling of data. This is similar to the study of information technology mentioned above. Doctoral grads in this area of knowledge also fit in quite well with many tech support operations. Tech support work often requires detailed knowledge of these processes, so this is a natural match in many situations.

Ph.D. in Technology Management

Graduates with today’s Ph.D. in Technology Management present with a unique skill-set that empowers them to handle the various aspects involved with using and managing advanced, computerized systems. How can one best use this computer system to handle a particular task? Can the system be set up to better perform the needed purposes? This grad handles areas such as these and is thus prepared, in many ways, for the computer-based work found in many tech support roles.

Ph.D. in Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Straight from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those learned in electrical and/or electronic engineering can efficiently “design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment.” Such skills are directly and widely applicable in most tech support operations, as the tech support worker attempts to troubleshoot any number of electronic systems and individual devices. Both the electronic and electric versions of this degree are interchangeably usable here.

Ph.D. in Communication Engineering

Finally, the Ph.D. in Communication Engineering is another great doctoral degree that certainly translates to value in the tech support industry. With this degree, the grad has become a sure master of all forms of technology involved in communications processes. This is an inherently wide range of knowledge that directly applies, in several ways, to the responsibilities of tech support workers today. This is particularly true in tech support roles involving communications-based technology specifically.

There are many specialized areas of work focus addressed by the tech support industry of today. Accordingly, numerous educational backgrounds are highly applicable to this line of work. These five doctoral degrees are among some of the most applicable doctoral degrees to this industry right now.

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