What is Technical Support?

Technical support is a service offered by companies that provide clients and users with information about the use of their products. While often considered to be focused on software issues, technical support is also found with hardware issues. As companies tend to place more and more emphasis on customer retention, technical support is one of the vital tools required.

Employment and Salary

The average salary for someone working as a technical support staff has a wide range of possibilities. This is because technical support includes both being a Customer Service Representative all the way through being a Computer Support Specialist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this allows for an annual salary of around $16.23 an hour as a customer service representative and $62,000 or more a year for someone working as a computer support specialist.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is found under the umbrella of customer service. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, customer service is one of the strongest elements necessary to have a satisfied customer. If a client purchases a product and finds that it isn’t working properly, customer service will sometimes refer the individual to someone in technical support. The technical support staff will then engage in a walk-through of the problem. This is a series of step-by-step instructions which, in many cases, can correct the problem.


Many technical support jobs offer employment flexibility. While some companies require their technical support staff to actually be in the physical company workspace, some companies will allow individuals to work out of their own homes. This is possible because the actual service call is automatically sent to the technical support staff’s phone.

Technical Support Skills

Rather than simply reading from a manual when helping a client, a good technical support employee must show respect for the client. In some cases, by the time an individual is contacting technical support, they are frustrated and angry. At this point, when technical support staff takes the call, it’s important to exercise restraint and patience. A good technical support staff member can defuse a potentially abrasive situation.

People working in technical support also need to be detail-oriented. It also helps to be someone who enjoys problem-solving and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to obtain a solution. Working technical support is an opportunity to engage with different technologies and to constantly learn and grow within whichever discipline the technical support staff works within.

Technical Support and IT

When a position appears for technical support, this often means the employer is looking for someone who is schooled in information technology (IT). IT specialists are an integral part of many organizations and a technical support person schooled in IT can usually take those skills with them to any number of other businesses. According to Forbes, IT technical support staff usually possess a high level of both general knowledge and specialized knowledge which enables them to find employment in virtually any company or organization.

Working in technical support can be an exciting and challenging field. Individuals who staff technical support are given the opportunity to encounter individuals from all walks of life and to assist them in resolving various issues, which can be an elevating and rewarding feeling.

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