Best Careers in Renewable Energy

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When it comes to sustainability, finding a good career isn’t hard. However, imposter syndrome is a pressure that we all feel. To help ease your stress in job searching, we have compiled a list of the best careers in renewable energy no matter your level of skill or qualifications. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Careers in Renewable Energy

A liveable salary and stable career are key components when you are searching for jobs. Plenty of jobs meet those requirements in clean energy fields since it is a growing job market.

Some careers will have higher salaries and more requirements than others. However, there are good-paying positions at each level for people who want to better the sustainability of our planet and feel good about their work. After all, the most rewarding part of the job is creating a cleaner world.

A man in safety suit and hat holding clipboard standing with the background of large yellow pipe steels

Six-Figure Careers in Sustainability 

While these may not be entry-level jobs, six-figure salaries are good end goals for your career. Since most high salaries tend to mean specialized skills, a six-figure job in green energy is no different. To attain this level of pay, you will likely need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, related job experience, and specialized training at the job site.

This doesn’t mean that you will never reach one of these positions. With some elbow grease, dedication, and willingness to expand your skill set, you could become one of the top candidates for these careers. Here are some skills to look into to better your chances:

  • A deep repertoire of operating and programming codes (for technology positions)
  • Additional education certifications that relate to your career
  • An understanding of everchanging clean energy practices
  • Specialized training gained from years in a junior position
  • Sales experience (for solar consultant)

If you aren’t dismayed by the thought of attending college and gaining some additional skills or training, here are some high-level sustainability jobs to look into further:

Job Title Yearly Salary Bachelor’s Degree Needed
Site Reliability Engineer $157,233 Computer science recommended
Petroleum Engineer $124,158 Engineering; FE and PE certification
Solar Consultant $119,850 Yes, and on-site solar panel knowledge
Wind Farm Site Manager $107,029 Yes, with a focus on wind energy
Information System Manager $103,861 Computer science degree

High-Five Figure Green Energy Jobs

Just like the six-figure careers in sustainability, high five-figure jobs will tend to be something that you work toward within the first few years of your career. However, some of the jobs on the lower end of high five figures could be positions you could achieve closer to the beginning of your career.

A man in safety suit and hat standing in front of a gray metal machine part

Most high five-figure jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and two to three years of related job experience. However, related skills could help you move up to some of the best careers in renewable energy. 

Peruse this list of careers to determine which one you’d like to pursue:

Job Title Yearly Salary Bachelor’s Degree Needed
Geoscientist $99,532 Geology
Environmental Health and Safety Officer $98,587 Environmental science recommended; optional certification
Aerospace Engineer $97,798 Aerospace engineering
Sustainability Engineer $97,181 Engineering; three years of experience at a related job
Power Plant Engineer $96,068 Engineering; experience in a specific type of plant
Chemical Engineer $91,895 Chemical engineering
Environmental Specialist $89,179 Your choice of natural science
Energy Engineer $88,593 Engineering; optional additional certification
Materials Engineer $88,409 Materials science and engineering
Civil Engineer $86,640 Civil engineering
Environmental Engineer $86,456 Engineering; three years of related job experience
Renewable Energy Project Manager $85,825 Construction or business management; MBAs are becoming more popular
Financial Analyst for Renewable Energy Companies $85,660 Business or accounting recommended; a minimum of five years of job experience
Solar Project Developer $84,130 Science or engineering; five years of job experience; special certifications
Construction Manager $83,368 Construction management or related field
Solar Project Manager $83,143 Solar energy and project management
Renewable Energy Consultant $82,450 Environmental science or related field; related job experience
Energy Manager $77,233 Engineering or a mechanical subject (like HVAC systems)
Scientific Researcher $77,173 Your choice of scientific field; a master’s or Ph. D. is usually preferred
Industrial Engineer $77,130 Engineering
Solar Energy Software Developer $72,976 IT or computer science and engineering
Solar Engineer $72,323 Solar technology
Solar Energy Technician $72,000 Technical college certification
Air Quality Engineer $71,525 Engineering; three years of related job experience
Solar Installer $70,310 High school diploma; PV installer courses at community colleges or technical schools
Chemist $70,195 Chemistry

Other Clean Energy Careers that Require Schooling

There are jobs in sustainability that are easier to obtain straight out of schooling. Many of these jobs still include some form of technical schooling or a bachelor’s degree in a related field. However, they often do not require the additional skills or related work experience of higher-paid jobs.

Though these jobs are lower paying than the ones in the prior paragraphs, they still offer a good wage and room to grow, especially since the Department of Energy reports that nearly 300,000 clean energy jobs were created in 2022. The best part is that these jobs encompass a wide variety of interests and skills, so there is something for most people. The areas that these jobs cover include:

  • Sales and business
  • Engineering
  • Manual labor
  • Communication
  • Analytical savvy
  • Mechanical understanding
  • Research skills
  • Natural sample collection
  • Leadership and decision-making skills

As you can see, there is something here for most interests and skill sets. If you are interested in one or more of those areas, check out the following jobs:

Job Title Yearly Salary Bachelor’s Degree Needed
Urban Planner $67,556 Urban planning or related field
Wind Turbine Technician $63,301 Technical college certification
Environmental Scientist $61,917 Environmental science or sustainability
Renewable Energy Sales Representative $53,804 Yes, or industrial sales experience
Environmental Engineering Technician $50,560 Environmental engineering
Service Unit Operator $47,860 Technical college certification
Environmental Science and Protection Technician $46,170 Environmental science
Solar PV Installer $42,680 Technical college certification
Solar Power Plant Construction Worker $41,490 Technical college certification
Site Assessor $40,000 Technical college certification

Environmental Jobs with GED Requirements

If you are someone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to attend a technical school or college, there are still some of the best careers in renewable energy available to you. These jobs can look great on a resume when pursuing one of the higher-level jobs on this list. 

Three men holding a metal sheet

These careers are great for people who want to better the planet and bring home a decent wage yet don’t have the schooling for a more technical job:

Job Title Yearly Salary Education Needed
Recycling Worker $37,935 High school diploma or equivalent
Greenhouse Worker $28,056 High school diploma or equivalent; farming or horticulture experience

As you can see, a greenhouse worker job may require farming or horticulture experience. For anyone interested in sustainability careers, it is vital to look into their Future Farmers of America club at school, join 4-H, or work on a farm in high school.

Is Renewable Energy a Stable Career?

Yes, Forbes reports that the United States reduced coal consumption by 6.7% in 2022. This means there has been a shift toward clean energy sources and, therefore, a steady increase in jobs in that field. Plenty of clean energy jobs come with excellent salaries, too.

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Renewable Energy?

For one thing, careers in green energy are well-paying and very stable as the globe shifts toward utilizing more clean energy. This should give you peace of mind about having a long career in sustainability. An additional benefit is that you will know your job is creating a better future for yourself and generations to come.

Which States Have the Most Renewable Energy Jobs?

All states are increasing their use of clean energy. That said, Renewable Energy World ranks California at the top of the list for most sustainability jobs available. Other states with plenty of clean energy careers include Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, and Michigan.


With many different career skills in the clean energy field and an exponential growth of jobs in the past decade, clean energy jobs offer incredible possibilities. The best careers in renewable energy allow you to enjoy your work, know that you have a stable and well-paying job, and reap the reward of bettering the world. What more could you need?