What are some fast growing entry level jobs that require a short amount of education?

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Short Answer:

Not all job require a full 4 year college education. Many high-demand positions only require a high school diploma or associates degree plus certification.

In Depth:

Exploring fast-growing entry-level jobs that require a shorter amount of education can lead to rewarding careers across various fields. Here are some promising options based on recent projections:

  1. Wind Turbine Service Technicians: A role focused on installing, maintaining, and repairing wind turbines, with significant growth expected. Training usually involves a postsecondary nondegree certification​​.

    Salary range: $40-$80k

  2. Solar Photovoltaic Installers: These professionals install and maintain solar panel systems, a field that’s booming alongside renewable energy initiatives. Entry typically requires a high school diploma and moderate on-the-job training​​.

    Salary range: $30-$50k

  3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers: Utilizing ultrasound tech to assist in patient diagnosis, this job demands an associate degree and offers a healthy salary potential​​​​.

    Salary range: $50-$100k

  4. Dental Hygienist: Specializing in oral health and hygiene, dental hygienists can enter the field with as little as two years of education, leading to well-compensated roles​​.

    Salary range: $60-$90k

  5. Registered Nurse: Even with an associate degree in nursing, RNs play a critical role in healthcare, providing and coordinating patient care in various settings​​.

    Salary range: $60-$120k

  6. Web Developer/Digital Interface Designer: Building websites and digital interfaces require technical skills that can be self-taught or learned through short-term educational programs​​.

    Salary range: $50-130k

  7. Respiratory Therapist: These therapists are crucial in treating breathing disorders, with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the demand for such skills. The necessary education can be completed in under two years​​.

    Salary range: $50-$90k

  8. Electrician: A staple in the skilled trades, electricians can begin their careers through trade school and apprenticeships, leading to well-paying positions​​.

    Salary range: $40-$100k

  9. Commercial Diver: For those interested in underwater work, commercial diving offers an adventurous career path that doesn’t require a lengthy education​​.

    Salary range: $40-$100k

  10. Paralegal or Legal Assistant: Supporting legal professionals, paralegals can start their careers with just an associate degree, finding employment in various legal settings​​.

    Salary range: $30-$90k

  11. Registered Behavior Technician (RBT): RBTs work under the guidance of board-certified behavior analysts to implement behavioral treatment plans for individuals, particularly children, with autism or other developmental disorders. The entry-level education required to become an RBT typically includes a high school diploma and completion of a 40-hour training program, followed by passing a certification exam.

    Salary range: $30-50k

These careers offer not just rapid entry into the workforce but also provide opportunities for growth, career advancement, competitive salaries, and the satisfaction of meeting emerging needs in today’s job market. For individuals eager to jumpstart their careers without committing to a four-year degree, these paths represent viable and lucrative options.