What master’s degree do I need to be an athletic director?

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So you are thinking about becoming an Athletic Director? Well, to be a business director you have to have not only a deep rooted passion for athletics itself, but also an understanding of business management and organization. Athletic directing is not limited solely to coaching, but the overall organization of teams as well. If you have a knack for business and a love for sports, athletic directing is a great job to consider as a future career. Just like with any job, athletic directing requires the appropriate education to prove to your employers that you are ready for the job at hand. So this raises the question, “What master’s degree do I need to be an athletic director?” And yes, you need a master’s degree.

There are a few master’s degrees that can be applied to athletic directing, but the best one overall is athletic administration. A master’s degree in athletic administration will fully equip you for a future job as an athletic director. If you want to be a high school athletics director, a bachelors is also reasonable but less likely to get you a job (visit Education Portal for more information). A master’s in athletic administration will provide you with the necessary knowledge of business, team, athlete, and personnel management, as well as an understanding of coaching itself. Colleges such as Ohio State boast of master’s programs perfectly suited for a future in athletic administration. An athletic administration degree combined with on the job experience (such as an internship or past job references) will up your chances of getting a job as an athletic director.

If you are not one hundred percent sure that athletic directing is the way you want to go, another major that can lead to an AD job is a general business degree. A master’s in business shows that you have the necessary management skills to run a team, and additional experience can ensure that you have the appropriate coaching abilities for an Athletic Director’s job. However, if you decide that athletic directing is not for you, a business degree can also be focused on other areas so as to offer more options in the future.

Additional skills, such as mathematical abilities and networking are also important on top of a master’s degree to ensure your can obtain your future dream job. The best combination for an Athletic Director is a Master’s degree in athletic administration, on the job experience with teams which can be obtained through assistant coaching or internships, an ability to network well with likeable charisma, and a love for sports.If these are all things that you have or can see yourself obtaining in the future, a career in Athletic Directing is a good goal to set. Many high profile teams require extensive coaching experience and years of on the job training before consideration for an Athletic Director’s position, but if you see yourself as athletic directing material, a master’s in athletic administration is the place to start on your way to a prosperous and rewarding career.