What are the best career changes to make quickly?

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Okay, so let’s think about why you want to switch careers first. There are usually several reasons why a career switch might be in order, and knowing what exactly the problems are will help you not make the same mistake twice.

We’ve come up with careers that are particularly good for a mid-career switch. For obvious reasons time is of the importance, so we chose fields where you can make that switch within a 2 year span (provided you have already attained a bachelor’s degree). So while you won’t see something like Dentist on here, a Dental Hygienist is a better candidate, as the degree can be acquired relatively quickly.

1. Pay— Are you stuck in a low-paying gig, working too hard for the money?

This will give you a paycheck to smile about:

Become a Dental Hygienist. Sure it’s a little messy: you’ve got to clean teeth and apply sealants, and face it, you’ll be spending a lot of time peering in the mouths of strangers. However, you also have the opportunity to educate patients on oral hygiene and help people take better care of themselves. A noble occupation with decent pay to boot! What else do you need?

Check out these 15 affordable degrees in dental hygiene (associate’s and beyond).

Average Salary – $70k annually

2. Boredom — Maybe your current job is a dud. Are you completely bored with your work? Do you need a challenge?

More meaning, less thumb twiddling:

Become an Art Therapist; if you’ve already got an undergraduate degree you are halfway there! Art Therapy is offered at Master’s level; typically that is two years of study. An Art Therapist gets to impact the lives of their clients. You will help individuals work in a rehabilitation center, a hospital or in the school system. You may help adults with emotional or physical problems or sometimes kids with developmental issues. And the cool thing is that you get to engage in Art all day – painting, clay, and collage!

Average salary – $41k annually

3. Location— Maybe you need some more sunshine? Sick of grey cold days?

Resort life awaits you:

First you will need some sort of training in the field of Hospitality. Hotel Management is a good start. There are online schools as well as community colleges offering short degree programs that will have you soaking up rays in no time. Have you even seen a resort in a gloomy location? Not likely. So if you have what it takes to manage a team of hotel workers, handle finances and manage food services, this might be just the ticket!

Average salary – $47k annually

4. Recent Life Event— Did you just get a divorce? Just have a baby?

This career will give you the flexibility you need:

Do you want to make it to more of your kids soccer games? Or maybe you need time to meet friends or find a partner. You need a job where you can make your own hours. Become a Consultant. If you have an expertise, you can consult interested parties with your skills and know how. Some consultants work in financing, real estate, non-profit grant writing, really anything!

Most importantly, you will have the freedom to work long or short days and make room for the things that are most important in your life.

Average salary – $85k

5. Stress — Fast-paced number crunching job getting you down?

Grab a book, it’s time for a chill out job:

You’re tired of chasing the carrot, so stop! Forbes did a list of stress free jobs earlier this year, one of the occupations featured was Librarian. We couldn’t agree more. To become a Librarian you will need to get an MLS (Master’s of Librarian Science), that’s a two year degree program post undergraduate. Librarians help people with research and spend a lot of time gathering up information. You can work for government, universities and colleges, primary schools and some Librarians are even hired for private companies.

Average Salary – $55k

Now are you ready to ditch your current gig? You’re not trapped – everybody has options, if you’re willing to take a risk. This list is just a start; think about your reasons for leaving and your skill set. If they resemble anything you see here, start imagining your new life – it may only be a few months away!

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