Will Learning a Language like C++ Make it Easier to Learn a Language Like C?

A person who wants to become a computer programmer might wonder if learning a language like C++ will make it easier to learn a language like C. This is important to know because employers often seek programmers who know multiple languages and learning a new programming languages can be time-consuming and take up a lot of a person’s energy. Knowing whether or not starting with C++ will make it easier to learn other languages helps a person plan their learning process and make the most of their time.

Why C++ Is a Good Starting Point for Coding

C++ was created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979. Although this might make C++ seem older than dirt for coders under the age of 25, it simply means that C++ is so solid that it is still widely used and supported more than 40 years after its creation. A lot of technology is built upon C++, explains Educative. Basically, anything with a graphic user interface (GUI) uses C++. This means everything from video games to the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence software makes use of C++. A person interested in coding games, apps or interactive sites will need to know C++.

C++ Is Salt of the Earth

C++ is as close to assembly code as it gets. While other programming languages are built around frameworks, C++ is built around the computer. A person who learns C++ also learns how the computer itself works. Learning C++ before another language allows a person to learn programming from the ground up. Just like when a crew is building a house, they start with the foundation, not the rooftop or the light fixtures.

The Learning Process Matters

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” When learning a basic and essential programming language such as C++, it prepares the mind for some of the more complex languages with more bells and whistles. When the brain has a solid foundation in the basics, learning the intricacies of the subject matter is not as difficult. After learning C++, a person will have better skills and a stronger aptitude for learning a more detail-oriented language, such as CSS or Python.

Expect Learning to Take a While

Just because C++ is basic does not mean that a person can learn it in a day. When a person learns their first programming language, the process requires an entirely new way of thinking. C++ is written in a way that provides a person with a solid foundation for thinking in code. It is similar to the way that learning Latin sets up a great foundation for learning French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Learning C++ sets the stage for an easier experience in learning the in-demand languages, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript and SQL, explains Free Code Camp.

The Learning Process Is a Cycle

Everything in computer programming is cumulative. The learning process in computer programming is continuous and builds upon what the coder has learned in the past. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers have to keep up with changing technology. This means learning new computer programming languages. They also need to keep up with the upgrades and additions to the languages they already know. In order to do this, they might take continuing education classes or attend professional seminars. Self-learning at home or in a casual group of other computer programmers is also useful. What makes learning computer programming a challenge is not the actual material, but knowing where to start. C++ is a solid foundation and will set the stage for learning many of the in-demand languages that employers are seeking in job applicants. Also, keep in mind that the learning process is a cycle. As new features are added and new languages are developed, a programmer might find themselves with a question that can only be answered by going back to the basics, which in turn can lead to fresh ideas and even more questions.

Anyone who wants to be a computer programmer should plan on learning three, four or even more languages. It is best to start with a language, such as C++, that is foundational and helps a person learn the inner workings of what makes a computer do its thing. Understanding if learning a language like C++ will make it easier to learn a language like C helps a person plan their college classes, downtime, continuing education plans and professional seminar attendance.

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