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Many companies rely on the expertise of technical support professionals to keep their business flowing smoothly. Some operations can get by on just a single technical support worker, while others require entire departments full of technical support workers. Which kinds of organizations typically need to employ multiple technical support workers as opposed to just one? Here are some big ones right now.

Colleges, Universities

Not too long ago, while still often needing technical support workers, colleges could get away with employing a limited few for this role. Today, however, with virtually every school engaging in distance learning and other, far-reaching applications, and computerized teaching methods and subject matter, a whole crew of tech support workers is typically needed. Finding a college now that utilizes only a single technical support worker is likely impossible.

Software Design Firms

Software design firms are a natural employment source for technical support pros. Essentially everything these companies do, from design and test to the final product’s release, is all computerized. As a result, those able to quickly resolve computer issues are in high demand here. Only the smallest of software design firms today employs less than several technical support workers at a time.

Technical Support Providers

Another natural provider of technical support jobs in multitude is today’s technical support company. These companies provide temporary help to any paying customers who are struggling with computer issues. Some technical support companies employ hundreds of this particular kind of worker to simply keep up with high rates of customer demand.

Government Agencies

Government agencies often employ numerous tech support workers to keep all agency computerized functions working and secure. Aside from just providing internal technical support, however, many of these professionals also work for these agencies to help any citizens having issues with agency systems. An example of this would be a technical support worker for the Social Security Administration helping a citizen applicant with an online application page of the administration that won’t load correctly.

Internet Service Providers

Without teams of technical support pros at the ready, ISPs, or internet service providers, simply wouldn’t be able to function. Reliable internet for the masses requires loads of technical work, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. Additionally, customers and affiliated businesses must also be able to get help troubleshooting problems with their ISP’s service at any time, day or night.

Telecommunications Companies

Finally, telecommunications companies represent another great example of a common employer of multiple technical support workers. Telecommunications is the spread of messages and communications over distance via technological tools. Cell phones and satellite systems are prime examples. Without entire departments of tech support workers, customers and fellow employees alike would be completely let down in the telecommunications field.

The majority of technical support workers today work in organizations that employ more than just one of these types of workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics computer system design companies employ the most technical support workers at 18 percent, while educational services and the management components to many businesses employ the next, highest numbers of tech support workers at 13 percent and five percent respectively. In conclusion, for even more on the role of today’s technical support employees and the jobs employing them, readers are encouraged to inquire with the BLS further.

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