Are There Any Good Blogs About Programming?

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or simply just getting into programming, there are several, excellent blogs about programming that are freely available to the public right now. Where can one find these top programming blogs? Read along for the scoop on five of the top programming blogs on the web right now.

The Crazy Programmer

For the more novice and intermediate-level programmers out there, The Crazy Programmer is a top-notch blog that thoroughly covers all the basics of SQL, PHP, Java, Android, and more. Once posted, all posts are then able to easily be found within category groupings found at the top of the blog’s main page. This alone makes research and re-reads easy, while the blog’s posts each week provide for a steady flow of the valuable, in-the-know programming matter.


SitePoint itself is a massive online community of web developers, coders, programmers, and others that provides educational courses, community events, social networking opportunities, and more. The SitePoint blog therein is no less useful in regularly providing a full-scale topical resource on the wide world of programming. On average, followers here can expect about five blog posts per week on any number of subjects from mobile app development and responsive web design to JavaScript, HTML, the latest trends, tips, laws, and beyond.


CSS-Tricks is a rapidly growing site that’s all about programming and helping anyone interested to understand it and even find jobs in the profession once ready. The site’s blog is itself a fantastic resource that posts upwards of 40, information-packed posts each month. This blog is maintained by industry-pro Chris Coyier and his team of top-notch designers and programmers and combines a great mix of wit, humor, and straightforward facts that never gets old.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is a blended online journal and blog. In this great format, Geeks for Geeks covers a wide variety of programming-related subjects such as traditional and emerging programming techniques, interview and job-landing guides, the role of academics in programming today, and plenty more. Clients can also take part in this community-based blog, posting their own experiences and lessons along the path to programming greatness.


For those more specifically looking for a programming blog that puts a lot of focus on the future and the possibilities of programming therein, Codrops is certainly worth checking out. This future-oriented programming blog covers all of the latest and greatest trends and know-how with several posts on average per week. An expert team of programming and web development experts manage this blog with recent posts covering topics, as of this writing, including motion paths – past, present, and future, the top inspirational websites and their design, and image masking effects applied using GLSL and Babylon.js.

Expert and novice programmers alike can truly benefit from the steady newsfeed value provided by a top programming blog of the times. These five blogs are some of those most on top of the times, most active, and most quality in presentation and post alike. In conclusion, anyone seeking additional information on the discipline of programming or even help finding current information such as that provided by trustworthy blogs about programming, the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology is a top resource with which to inquire further.

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