College Night Classes

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Night classes can involve being on campus and in a classroom or being at your computer. Either way, they are a great way to start or further your career. Let’s take a look at who might benefit from night classes the most, as well as what degrees offer the most bang for your buck.

They Benefit the Busy

Night classes, whether online or in person, are a great alternative for graduate students.


Percentage of graduate students exclusively taking night classes at a local university (1)


Percentage of graduate students exclusively taking online classes (1)

But if this is your first pass at college, or you’re wanting a bachelor’s degree, night classes can still be a viable option—especially if you work a full-time job or have kids to take care of.


Percentage of undergraduate students who work at least 30 hours per week, compared to 76% of graduate students. (2)


Percentage of working students who also have children. (2)

Going Digital

You may choose to take online classes at night, so here are some benefits and potential drawbacks. (3)


Online night classes offer ultimate flexibility. Students who work during the day or have a family find night classes extremely convenient.

You might be genetically predisposed to being productive at night. It turns out a lot of people, so-called “night owls,” actually function better late at night.

They give you a lot of time to prepare before class. You have all day to complete homework assignments on your time.

These types of classes let you network with different kinds of people. Many different types of people take night classes: people of all ages, career goals and backgrounds.


Your days get even longer. If you do work during the day, taking classes at night can be exhausting and make your day extremely long.

Class times may cut into your normal bedtime. If you’re not a natural night owl, it can be tough to stay up and focus on your schoolwork.

For some, online classes makes it hard to focus. Sometimes when the TV is four feet away it can be hard to choose studying over Netflix.

You may not get the social aspect of college. Though you may get to interact with others via chatrooms and e-mails, you will miss out on physical interaction with others.

Worth It

If you’re set on distance learning, you should know which programs are worth the time and effort. Here are the best jobs you can get with an online degree. (4, 5)

1. Nurse Practitioner

Job duties: Work in hospitals or private practice seeing patients on varying issues depending on chosen specialty

Median salary: $107,460

Job growth through 2024: 31%

2. Computer Systems Analyst

Job duties: Act as liaison between IT department and clients, working with budgets and technical issues

Median salary: $87,220

Job growth through 2024: 21%

3. Market Research Analyst

Job duties: Study marketing trends and advise businesses of advertising recommendations

Median salary: $62,560

Job growth through 2024: 19%

4. Cost Estimator

Job duties: Gather data on cost and technical requirements for construction projects often led by architects or engineers

Median salary: $61,790

Job growth through 2024: 9%

5. Public Relations Specialist

Job duties: Speak and write to media outlets on behalf of businesses, political campaigns or schools

Median salary: $58,020

Job growth through 2024: 6%

6. Speech-Language Pathologist

Job duties: Help people who suffer from communication complications due to genetic disorders or brain injury

Median salary: $74,680

Job growth through 2024: 21%

College Night Classes