The 20 Best Online For-Credit Certificates in Marketing

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Marketing is a Safe, Lucrative, and Growing Profession

The field of marketing is one that has continuously evolved alongside the business world and the world economy. But one thing is certain–it isn’t going anywhere, and in fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that management-level marketing positions are growing at a rate of 6% which is nearly double the national average. A skilled marketer will always have a number of professional opportunities to consider. Working in freelance, joining a respected agency, or starting your own marketing agency–these are all viable options for marketers.

And it is this optionality and sheer flexibility that makes the field of marketing an excellent destination for professionals and students of all levels. And for those looking for a quick and affordable entrypoint into the industry, a four year degree may not always be the best answer. 

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Quick and Affordable Online Marketing Certificate Programs

Marketing certificate programs have always been a popular choice for both current and prospective marketing professionals. Certificate programs are often built around key skills and specialized areas of study, so that students can focus all of their attention on what is most beneficial in the context of professional advancement. 

In many cases, employers might enroll their marketing employees in these programs to improve efficiency and productivity. And likewise, independent marketers often enroll in certificate programs if they feel they need to improve in a certain area. Thankfully, the process has never been more simple, and can often be completed while maintaining full-time employment and a comfortable work-life balance. 

Our researchers have compiled the best programs available according to metrics which we believe matter the most to you, the student–affordability, academic integrity, efficiency, and overall reputation (as measured by the program’s performance in rankings of trusted publications). is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

1. University of Washington-Seattle Campus

The University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education program is designed for working students, adult learners, and other nontraditional students who need results-driven education. The UW Professional & Continuing Education program is designed to propel students into successful careers by building high-value skills that are of high value in the job market. UW distinguishes itself through this commitment to providing career-centric programs, which prepare students to seize on the real-time demands of their industry. 

The UW Professional & Continuing Education Department offers a for-credit Certificate of Digital Marketing. The program’s curriculum has been designed from the ground up to represent the current needs of the industry, and the expectations of future employers. The program can be completed on any schedule that best accommodates a student’s needs–self-paced online, online with real-time meetings, or a traditional classroom format.

The program emphasizes hands-on learning experiences where students will engage projects like the following:

  • Learning to leverage Google Analytics to gain exposure
  • Learning to use other digital marketing tools
  • Developing a paid-media plan and strategy for a mock company
  • Creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan for a real local company, which is added to each student’s portfolio on completion

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2. University of South Florida-Main Campus

The University of South Florida (USF) is a booming university system that ranks as one of the nation’s most prolific research investors with an annual budget of $1.6 billion. As such, USF leverages this extensive network of research facilities and initiatives to offer modern programs informed by USF’s cutting-edge research. The USF Executive Education program takes this to the next level, and specifically designs programs using current industry-data to create pathways for students to become highly competitive and successful professionals on an accelerated schedule. 

The USF Muma College of Business offers a number of business and marketing programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, among which is an online Marketing Certificate. The program is self-paced so that students can earn their certificate amidst full-time employment and demanding schedules. 

Students of the program will develop valuable skills and strategies such as the following:

  • Develop strategies applying to your business
  • Break through silos in order to bring your unify your organization on behalf of your customers
  • Eliminate barriers and develop a customer-centric mindset of innovation
  • Gain customer insights, and convert theories into action

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3. University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is a name that is recognized around the world, a name associated with academic excellence and professional innovation. No matter your chosen program, at UCLA students work at the forefront of their fields to become future-minded professionals who have the tools needed to build lifelong success. 

The UCLA Extension program was built to bring the University’s most successful programs to more students around the country, and even around the world. Among these is an online Marketing Certificate with a Concentration in Digital Marketing. The program offers a comprehensive introduction into the following areas:

  • Digital analytics
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing and content strategy
  • Advertising in the digital age

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4. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois Online offers a number of accessible programs that are built with the student and their career in mind. As such, its programs are delivered through a range of modalities in order to meet students where they are, no matter where they are in life. Illinois Online’s certificate programs however, are designed specifically for those wishing to pursue professional advancement. 

Illinois Online offers a Digital Marketing Certificate through the prestigious Gies College of Business. The Digital Marketing Certificate (Coursera MasterTrackTM Certificate) offers a curriculum that teaches students how to engage consumers in a global economy. The program offers one course at a time, so that students can comfortably progress while maintaining full-time employment. 

Specifically, the program is built around the following course schedule:

  • Marketing in a Digital World – Spring, 4 weeks
  • Digital Marketing Analytics – Summer, 8 weeks
  • Digital Marketing Channels – Fall, 8 weeks
  • Marketing in an Analog World – Fall, 4 weeks
  • Digital Marketing Capstone – Fall, 2 weeks

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5. University of California-Irvine

Established in 1962, the UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE) has a storied history of servicing adult learners and working students who want to elevate their career trajectories. Today, the UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE) offers more than 80 industry-relevant certificates and specialized programs–either on campus, online, or at a corporate site. The Division’s certificate programs leverage the University’s network of strategic partnerships so that online students benefit from hands-on learning experiences. 

The Digital Marketing & Communications certificate program is completed entirely online through coursework which is designed to prepare students to capitalize on career opportunities. Students of the program will polish their skills of research, writing, design, and analytics–all of which are highly sought after by employers in the field of marketing. 

This program differentiates itself in the special attention paid to digital marketing and computing technology. Students of the program will learn how to leverage the latest tools to become as efficient and productive as possible. 

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6. Ozarks Technical Community College

The Ozarks Technical Community College breaks the mold for what many think of when considering a community college. Ozarks Technical offers an array of future-facing, career-focused degree programs that are designed to propel graduates into successful careers. Ozarks Technical employs a value-based learning paradigm built on the following tenets:

  • Quality
  • Opportunity
  • Accessibility
  • Learning
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Personal growth

If these values resonate with you, you might want to consider enrolling the College’s online Business and Marketing Certificate. The program differentiates itself from similar programs through its focus on business education. Students of the program will be introduced to the foundational concepts of marketing framed within the context of business operations. 

Specially, the certificate program is made up of the following courses:

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Business
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Communications
  • Principles of Management
  • Technology & Digital Literacy
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Composition I With Support

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7. University of Virginia


The University of Virginia Online has earned a national reputation for producing innovators and leaders. The University of Virginia develops its programs to appeal to working professionals and adult learners. As such, students will find that Virginia Online’s programs maintain a high bar of academic rigor, while focusing on coursework that is most valuable in the context of one’s profession. Upon graduation students will be prepared to not only compete in the job market, but to win in the job market. 

The University of Virginia offers a graduate certificate in Digital Marketing that can be completed entirely online. Students of the program will master the various tools of the trade and will build the practical skills needed to retain customers in the modern marketing field.

The program is built upon the following curriculum:

  • Digital Marketing Tools & Technologies 
  • Strategic Database Marketing 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Legal Aspects of Digital Marketing 
  • Web Marketing: Building Awareness on the Internet 
  • Social & New Media in Digital Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies 
  • Introduction to Project Management 

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8. Hagerstown Community College


Hagerstown Community College (HCC) was founded in 1946 as Maryland’s first community college, and today has become a well-respected provider of student-centric online programs. Today, HCC offers a number of fully online programs designed for university transfer, career preparation, and/or personal development. At HCC students engage curriculums which are designed to reflect the real world needs and demands of the job market, so that graduates have what it takes to win over future employers. 

HCC offers an online Marketing Certificate that combines entry-level college courses with professional experience and skill development. Students of the program will engage course material that counts as credit towards a business or marketing Associate’s degree. 

Specifically, the program is built around the following curriculum:

  • Principles of Management (3 Credits) 
  • Marketing (3 Credits) 
  • BUS 101 – Introduction to Business Organization and Management (3 Credits) 
  • Public Speaking (3 Credits) 
  • Technical Writing (3 Credits) 
  • Introduction to Information Technology (3 Credits)  
  • Macroeconomic Principles (3 Credits) 
  • Microeconomic Principles (3 Credits)  
  • Any Management (MGT) course (3 Credits)
  • Any Entrepreneurship (ENT) course (3 Credits)

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9. University of Vermont

The University of Vermont (UVM) Department of Continuing and Distance Education specializes in offering high-end programs for future-minded students. UVM built its online programs long before the industry began to embrace ‘remote learning’ due to the pandemic, and as such online students at UVM benefit from years of program iteration and polishing. 

Among these polished online programs is an Online Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate. The program is led by industry experts who deliver the program in a bite-sized format of just 8 weeks, making it accessible to professionals on any schedule. Despite its short format, students will delve into a variety of topics and projects:

  • SEO (Search Engine Marketing)
  • PPC (Paid Search & Pay Per Click)
  • Web & Marketing Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Capstone

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10. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a prime example of a large public university that has leveraged its success to expand into online learning. Today, OSU Online services nearly 30,000 international students around the world and designs its programs to offer the utmost accessibility to adult learners and working professionals. OSU Online offers more than 100 areas of study that can be pursued online or in a hybrid format that combines on-campus elements. 

Oregon State University specializes in convenient certificate programs that offer a high level of academic rigor and professional integrity. Among these programs is a Digital Marketing Certificate and a Digital Brand Management Certificate. The courses of each are as follows:

  • Digital Brand Management Certificate

    • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
    • Digital Brand Strategies
    • Building Digital Content Strategy
    • Developing a Social Media Plan

  • Digital Marketing Certificate

    • Audience Segmentation
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Transmedia Storytelling
    • Business-to-Business Marketing

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11. Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College is another College that is shaking up our conception of what a community college is capable of, and in fact, Macomb Community College is demonstrating a level of success that many large universities would like to replicate. Today, Macomb Community College services more than 38,000 students annually through its more than 200 degree and certificate programs. 

Among these programs is a Digital Marketing certificate that can be completed entirely online. The program has a number of amazing selling points, one of which is the partnership with Burning Glass, which empowers students with the most current and relevant industry data. Additionally, the program employs a career-insights tool which allows students to explore promising areas of the job market.  

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12. Montgomery County Community College



Montgomery County Community College (MC3) earns consistent national recognition for its commitment to academic excellence demonstrated through world class faculty and use of technology. Today MC3 boasts an alumni group of more than 65,000 alumni, many of which have gone on to work at the highest levels of their fields. MC3 invests heavily in each of its programs so that it provides the best chances for each student to actualize their professional goals. 

MC3 offers a marketing certificate that can be completed either on-campus or online. Students of the program will master key marketing concepts within the context of a global business environment. The program is built on the following foundational curriculum:

  • Survey of Accounting, Writing for Business and Industry, or Principles of Management (3 credits)
  • Legal Environment of Business (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits)
  • Ethical Decision Making in Business (3 credits)
  • Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
  • Personal Sales Management (3 credits)
  • Advertising and Promotion (3 credits)
  • Digital Marketing (3 credits)
  • Management, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship Elective (3 credits)

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13. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia (UGA) is one of the southeast’s most reputable and successful providers of education programs–with degrees and certification tracks available at all levels. And with the University’s expansion into online education, more students can benefit from these programs than ever before. In particular UGA’s Terry College of Business has partnered with industry experts in Silicon Valley in order to create top of the line programs that will prepare students to succeed in the job market. 

Specifically, students can choose from three marketing certificate programs:

  • Digital Sales and Marketing Basics (3 month course)
  • Digital Marketing for Marketing Professionals (6 month course)
  • Digital Marketing for New Media Professionals (6 month course)

These programs are designed to propel students into prosperous areas of the job market, and improves the competitiveness of students’ portfolios by acting as sufficient preparation to sit for the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) or Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) designation exams.

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14. Cornell University

Cornell University is a name that confers tremendous academic and professional clout to its alumni, which in many cases is as valuable as the education itself. In short, Cornell University opens doors for its students, which is why it’s an internationally respected destination for pursuing a degree or other form of professional advancement. Over the last decade, Cornell Online has invested heavily in bringing more of its top-tier certificate programs to students.  

Today, students can choose from a robust catalogue of fully online certificate tracks that employ the latest strategies and online learning technologies helmed by some of the world’s most celebrated faculty, who have worked at the highest levels of their fields–both academically and professionally. 

Specifically, students can choose from a selection of online marketing certificate programs–one of the most extensive lists available:

  • Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Digital Marketing 360 Certificate
  • Social Media Marketing Certificate
  • Growth Marketing Certificate
  • Marketing Strategy Certificate
  • Brand Management Certificate
  • Product Marketing Certificate
  • Marketing AI Certificate
  • Marketing Analytics Certificate
  • PR Strategy Certificate
  • Integrated Marketing 360 Certificate
  • Corporate Communication Certificate
  • Data Privacy Strategy Certificate
  • Hospitality Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Strategic Hospitality Marketing Certificate

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15. Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College (SCC) provides student-centric programs that engage adult learners and working students with intellectually rigorous curricula. Today SCC has grown to service more than 10,000 students annually through 100 degrees and 60 certificates, many of which can be completed entirely online from the comfort of one’s own home. For three consecutive years, SCC has been eligible for the prestigious Aspen Award for Community College Excellence.

SCC offers two marketing certificate programs, an Online Marketing Certificate and an Online Social Media Marketing Certificate. The Marketing program is made up of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Business (3 credits) 
  • Principles of Marketing (3 credits) 
  • Computer Usage and Applications (3 credits) 
  • Survey of Computer Information Systems (3 credits) 
  • Workplace Communication Skills (3 credits) 
  • Advertising Principles (3 credits) 
  • Principles of Sales (3 credits) 

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16. Community College of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) is Philadelphia’s largest institution of higher education and to date has serviced nearly 700,000 of the city’s inhabitants. CCP provides students with a number of flexible pathways to actualize professional and academic development. Its programs are designed to offer the highest level of academic integrity while preserving the flexibility needed to accommodate adult learners and working students.

CCP offers an online Digital Marketing Certificate which begins monthly in order to accommodate students’ of all backgrounds and schedules. The program aligns with the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) credential, which is a significant accolade in the field of marketing.

Students who enroll in the program will engage a comprehensive investigation of the central tasks of the marketing profession:

  • Social media messaging
  • Website ads
  • Facebook marketing campaigns
  • Google Adwords

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17. Harvard University

Harvard University has always been a pillar of higher education in the United States, and the world at large. Its programs consistently rank as the most prestigious and academically rigorous of their kind, and often produce industry leaders who set the course of markets for years to come. Today, the Harvard University Extension program looks to make their quality programs available to students all over the world.

Among these programs is an online Marketing Management and Digital Strategy Certificate which is typically completed over 1.5 years on average. The program is designed for the working and distance student in mind, with 83% of enrollees working full-time and 29% living outside of the U.S. 

The program’s curriculum is formatted as follows:

  • Foundations course (choose one course from select group)
  • Digital Tools (choose one course from select group)
  • Elective courses (choose two courses from select group)

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18. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) School of Continuing Education is the largest provider of professional development in the region, and its year-round program structure enables students to engage flexible programs at a cadence that best facilitates learning and professional development. UWM emphasizes lifelong learning, so that its programs instill in students a frame of mind that contributes to success long after graduation.

UWM offers a fully online Digital Marketing Certificate which is based on a skill-building approach, which is meant to offer value to marketing professionals of all levels. Specifically, students who enroll in the program will engage the following curriculum format:

  • Building an Integrated Digital Content Strategy

    • $924

  • Foundations for Effective Digital Marketing

    • $924

  • Improve Marketing Results Using Advanced Analytics Techniques

    • $374

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics

    • $374


  • Adobe Illustrator – Basics

    • $250

  • Adobe InDesign – Basics

    • $374

  • Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

    • $374

  • Advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Platforms

    • $374

  • Email Marketing Best Practices

    • $374

  • Google Ads: Getting the Most From Paid Search

    • $374

  • Google Tag Manager

    • $374

  • SEO: Keyword Research, Link Building and Content Optimization

    • $699

  • Storytelling Films: How to Make an Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Video

    • $374

  • Write High-Impact Copy for Your Website

    • $374

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19. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego’s Division of Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) offers future-minded, career-focused degree programs that aid students in reaching the next level of their careers. The PCE program leverages partnerships on the local, national and international level in order to maintain the most current and career-relevant strategies in each program. 

The PCE program offers a number of certificate tracks that can be completed entirely online such as the Strategic Online Marketing Certificate. The program is designed for entry level to advanced marketers who want to improve their skills of online marketing. Specifically, the program is built around the following courses:

  • Building Your Brand and Website Foundation
  • Principles of SEO and Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite SEO Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • Capstone Project Presentations

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20. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is one of the world’s premier destinations for business and marketing education. Its programs consistently hit the top spots of rankings in trusted publications, and alumni often go on to work at the highest levels of business–running large international corporations, or heading prestigious marketing agencies. And with its adoption of online education, these top-tier programs are more accessible than ever before. 

One such program is the online Digital Marketing Certificate which cultivates on-demand skills and strategies in students:

  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Social media strategy and analysis
  • Data-driven & customer-centric strategies for customer retention

The program is helmed by some of the industry’s top experts, who employ their specialties to guide and assist the advancement of students. Areas of faculty expertise include: 

  • Digital marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Online shopping behaviors
  • Sales forecasting

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