What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Computer Science Degree?

Computer science is a vast field that covers multiple overlapping disciplines, and graduates may find jobs in various industries and organizations. Computer science degrees cover areas like networking, programming, information technology, software development and more. A computer degree not only prepares students for a variety of careers but also opens doors to many well-paying jobs. Computer science is offered in associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degrees. Here are some of the top jobs available with a computer science degree.

Software Engineer

Software engineers write codes that make computer applications function properly and perform certain tasks. The many popular online games people play today are the result of the work performed by software engineers. In addition to writing the codes, software engineers also test and debug the program application to ensure they run smoothly and perform the tasks required of them based on the programming. Software engineers collaborate with other professionals, including programmers, software developers and computer systems analysts. Software engineers must be proficient with programming languages like Python, C++ and Ruby. Software engineers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Software Developer

Software developers have often been described as the brains behind computer programs. Unlike software engineers who make the program applications function, software developers are the ones who develop or create the programs. They also collaborate with other computer specialists. Software developers create diagrams and models to determine what software codes are needed, design various parts of an application to see how they work together and put the parts together into one working program. They also recommend any software upgrades that might be needed. Software developers also have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Systems Architect

Systems architects are professionals who develop and maintain computer systems and computer networks. They determine the needs of an organization or business, plan how they’ll meet the needs, and then they design the technology systems the company needs to be efficient and profitable. Systems architects are also very knowledgeable of software engineering techniques, and they work closely with computer developers. If a company is having programs with their computer system, systems architects are often the individuals who are contracted to fix the problem.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers create application software for various operating systems, such as Windows iOS and Android. They are also very knowledgeable of programming languages like C, Python, C++ and several others. Mobile application developers create the program applications used on smartphones, smart devices and similar devices. With the increasing use of smartphones and other smart devices, mobile application developers should be very much in demand and should see some excellent job growth. According to CNN Money, mobile application developers are among the top fastest-growing jobs in the nation and can expect job growth of 19 percent by 2024.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are highly-trained professionals who develop systems and machines that can learn and utilize certain pieces of knowledge without specific directions. They build and deploy machine learning systems that can automatically learn certain tasks that allow the system to improve efficiency independently. These professionals are knowledgeable about coding, building neural networks, and developing structure machine learning projects. Because of the sophisticated work machine learning engineers perform, they must have a solid background in mathematics, algorithms and computer science in general. Machine learning engineers generally have graduate degrees.

Computer science jobs can be found in so many different industries and companies regardless of the degree level. They are also jobs that continue to be in demand. According to U.S. News & World Report, many computer science jobs lead to six-figure salaries, making computer science degrees a popular choice today.

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