What are a Few of the Most Important Skills to Have for a Tech Support PositionTech support specialists must have training and are usually required to have a degree, however, there are also other important skills he or she must have to be as effective as possible on the job. Depending on the company, an individual in a tech support position is providing services to users of computers or other technology products. They may provide technical support in person, through email, over the phone or through live support software. Tech support specialists may work as freelancers or may work for an organization as part of the organization’s team. Regardless of where or how they provide their services, they must have several important skills that go beyond knowledge and a degree. Here are some important skills for a tech support position.

Knowledge of Operating Systems

Large varieties of technical problems are found on computers or computer-based equipment and electronics. Few things would be functional if not for computers. Behind every computer is an operating system that makes it run correctly. Tech support specialists must have a good working knowledge of operating systems, which makes them work and what can cause issues within the system. Although Windows is the most commonly used operating system, it’s not the only operating system used today. A good tech support specialist will know about all operating systems and will possess the skills necessary to fix bugs and issues.

Customer Service Skills

Tech support specialists spend a lot of time talking to customers and clients and must have excellent customer service skills. Whether they’re communicating through email, over the phone or in person, the client wants a tech support person who is pleasant, polite, and respectful and can make the client feel comfortable. Clients are usually more willing to deal with a tech support specialist having difficulty fixing an issue if the specialist possesses good customer service skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that good customer service skills are probably one of the most important skills for a computer support specialist or a tech support specialist.

Analytical Skills

Having good analytical skills is very important for tech support specialists. When a tech support specialist is contacted, it’s generally because the client or organization has come across a problem that they can’t fix on their own, which generally means it’s probably a complex problem and not one that can be solved quickly and easily. In many cases, the problem requires much analysis. The tech support specialist must have the analytical skills needed to analyze the problem so that he or she can come up with the best possible solution. Computer problems, for instance, are not always easily solved, especially if they’re dealing with hardware or software issues. Tech support specialists must have the ability to analyze and keep on analyzing until they come to an answer to the problem.

Communication Skills

Communication skills may be listed last but are not last in importance. Whether the tech support specialist is discussing the problem with a client, explaining the solution or trying to teach users how to work with their computers, they must be able to get their ideas across to the client. This requires good communication skills. Computers are used today in almost every industry, but many people are still intimidated by computers, especially when they’re having issues. They need a tech support specialist that can communicate information to them effectively and in a friendly, approachable manner.

Individuals in a tech support position are generally people who are technology-minded and enjoy solving problems and helping others. One of the great things is that working as a tech support person requires skills that do not necessarily require additional education, which makes this an appealing career choice.

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