What are the Fastest Growing Positions in the IT Field?

Candidates who graduate with degrees in the field of Information Technology (IT) are generally pleasantly surprised by the many career opportunities available to them. Schools and colleges offer IT programs at almost degree levels, from associate through doctoral degrees. IT is also a field that offers many areas of concentration, including data management, cybersecurity, networking, network security, management information systems and software development, among many others. These concentrations often provide students with the skills needed to get into some lucrative positions. Here are some of the fastest-growing positions in the IT field.

Database Administrator

Every organization has a database, and database administrators are the professionals who manage the data. Database administrators organize and store the company’s data and make sure the databases run efficiently. It’s also their responsibility to keep the data safe from unauthorized users. Database administrators are knowledgeable in database languages, such as Structured Query Language. Different organizations may use different database languages, and the database administrator must become familiar with whichever programming language the company uses. Database administrators generally have a bachelor’s degree. Database administrators are expected to see an employment growth of nine percent during 2018 and 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Software Developer

For every piece of software we use, we can thank software developers for developing the software. With an expected job growth of 21 percent by 2028, software developers are one of the fastest-growing positions in the IT field. Software developers create the systems and programs that allow people to use smartphones, computers and similar devices to complete the jobs necessary. They also create different applications, such as databases, games and word processors. Software developers also have a strong knowledge of writing codes. The increasing use of smart devices has increased the demand for qualified software developers. A bachelor’s degree is typically required to become a software developer.

Information Security Analyst

With the expected job growth of 32 percent, the information security analyst is the fastest-growing position in the IT field according to the BLS. With an increasing number of cybercrimes, along with the monetary cost of damage from cybercrimes, information security analysts are a hot commodity in the business world. They develop and implement methods to protect an organization’s information, networks and computers in general. In addition to installing security software, they also monitor the systems for threats and educate users on how to protect themselves from cybercrimes. Although some information security analysts have an MBA in information systems, many are hired with just a bachelor’s degree.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Any time we find the latest cutting-edge development in technology, we are sure to find a computer and information research scientist hard at work. They are the professionals who develop new technologies to use on new technologies as well as existing technologies. With predicted job growth of 16 percent, computer and information research scientists are very much in demand. Although a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for this position, most computer and information research scientists have a master’s degree in computer science or a related field. Computer and information research scientists work for computer systems and software companies, research institutions and government agencies. They also work in a variety of industries, including business, medical or science. They do research and report their findings directly to their employers or at conferences.

Web Developer

Web developers are yet another one of the fastest-growing positions in the IT field. They’re the professionals responsible not just for developing a website but also for its technical operation, appearance and even sometimes its content. Web developers may perform all these tasks or may specialize in one specific area, such as back-end development or front-end development. They also make sure the website is current and updates regularly. Web developers may be hired with an associate degree, but web developers performing more specialized tasks may have a bachelor’s degree. Web developers are typically proficient in several programming languages. The BLS predicts web developers should see a 13 percent increase in jobs by 2028.

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Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developers are very much in demand with the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and similar smart devices. Mobile app developers are the professionals who create and design new products and applications for these smart devices. They may work in various industries, including marketing firms, advertising companies, video game studios, financial institutions, government agencies and more. Most mobile app developers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. In 2017, CNN Money ranked mobile app developers as on the top-ten list of best and fastest-growing jobs in America.

With so many fast-growing positions available in the IT field, it’s an area worth looking into. The BLS indicates that the employment of computer and information technology is projected to grow 12 percent during the decade of 2018-2028. More than 540,000 new jobs are expected to be created by 2028, which offers even better opportunities to find some of the fastest-growing positions in the IT field.