Is the Field of Being a Computer Systems Analysis a Growing Industry?

When choosing a career, people usually look for a field that holds their interest as well as one that is part of a growing industry, which is one of several reasons why many people choose to become computer systems analysts. Computer systems analysts play a vital role in an organization’s success. Organizations’ continued reliance on information technology has made computer systems analysts part of a rapidly growing industry. Since computer systems and processes are used in almost every business in America, computer systems analysts are constantly in demand.

What do Computer Systems Analysts Do?

Answering this question is more difficult than one might think because their role in an organization is so vital. From the first working for an organization, they begin researching what the company is all about, what their goals might be and what their computer system needs to help them meet their goals. Once these things are determined, they prepare a cost and benefits analysis to determine what the cost will be for the company.

The analyst provides upper management with the analysis and makes his or her recommendations. In many ways, convincing management that specific services are necessary for the success of the company is often the most difficult part of a computer systems analyst’s job. Once management approves the proposal, the analyst installs the necessary files and or software into the computer and analyzes it to ensure it’s running correctly.

They also write up instruction manuals and educate users on computer programs. If a problem does arise, computer systems analysts troubleshoot and correct the problem. Computer systems analysts must also have a thorough understanding of what an organization does. The computer system of a healthcare facility is going to be entirely different than that of a factory or a financial institution. The system the analyst creates and installs is not a “one size fits all”.

Why is the Computer Systems Analyst Field Part of a Growing Industry?

Computer systems analysts are part of a growing industry because they possess the skills and knowledge to help companies be profitable and competitive not just locally but globally as well, and their services are needed in almost every business. Their research tells them how the company is currently doing and what needs to be done to reach its full potential. Computers are a major part of almost every business, but they’re only as efficient as the professionals putting them to work.

The country’s economy dictates that organizations keep up with innovations and technological advances. This is the very thing that computer systems analysts do for an organization. As long as organizations are competing with each other in the business world, the field of computer systems analysis will continue to grow.

Ranking Among Other Jobs

The job of a computer systems analyst is not only part of a growing field but also a job that is ranked highly among professionals. U.S. News & World Report gave computer systems analysts the following ranking.

  • Second among Best Technology Jobs
  • Seventh among Best STEM Jobs
  • 27th among 100 Best Jobs

One might wonder what criteria is used to determine the rankings. USNWR indicates that the following factors are used.

  • Average median wage – How much do about half of these analysts earn?
  • Employment rate – What is the employment and unemployment rate for this profession?
  • Ten-year rate of growth – How many new jobs will be created in this profession in ten years?
  • Ten-year growth percentage – What is the job percentage growth for this profession over ten years?
  • Future job potential – How easy is it to be hired for this job?

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Career Outlook

The career outlook for computer systems analysts is probably the thing that makes this job a growing industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that computer systems analysts should see a nine percent job growth between 2018 and 2028.

They also predict about 56,000 new analyst jobs will be created during that decade. As of May 2018, computer systems analysts earned annual wages ranging from $54,360 to $142,220. The employer, the location and the analyst’s education can affect the wages that computer systems analysts earn.

Excellent salary, positive job growth and interesting work are all factors that make people choose a specific career. In the case of computer systems analysts, all of these areas are positive. They are also contributing factors to why the field of computer systems analysts is part of a growing industry.