Digital marketing is the promotion of brands or products via one or more forms of digital media. The rise of smartphones, apps, and other forms of ‘new media’ in the past decade has caused digital marketing to mushroom. Companies need to be able to connect with consumers through various devices and digital platforms, including social media. Digital marketing combines the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to get the marketing campaign’s message across, with the technical side of keeping track of data, digital engineering, and analytics.

A master’s program is typically two years long. The majority of the programs are integrated into the school’s MBA degree. In addition to a concentration in digital media and marketing, there can be certificate options. These include human-computer interaction and user experience, electronic and social commerce, and mobile business and technology. Specialization courses, such as digital strategy and planning, prepare students to use digital metrics to develop marketing strategies and to improve return on investment.


One of the most common degree routes is an MBA with a concentration in marketing. This concentration prepares students to manage the marketing function inside private or public sector business organizations. General management and marketing techniques, such as market research and market planning, might be included in the coursework. You may also study current trends and techniques areas like digital marketing, social media, and the increasing mobile marketing trends.

There are MBA programs with a concentration devoted to digital marketing. One example is The Feliciano School of Business offered online. Participants in this digital marketing graduate program can combine their passion for creativity with the business acumen needed to succeed in the digital advertising environment. The curriculum has 9 credits in this concentration. You will study Digital Customer Experience Management, for one example. The theme of this course is that effective digital marketers need to move beyond customer satisfaction. They should channel their efforts towards a more holistic understanding of the customer journey from initial contact. With the purpose of achieving a lasting relationship. Another course covers the implications of the concurrent evolution of social media, location-based tagging, and mobile technologies on marketing strategy.


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Master of Science

There are choices in a M.S. degree in digital marketing or, as it is sometimes referred to–an MSDM degree. Examples of courses in this degree are:

Digital Marketing: This course is an introduction to the rapidly evolving world of Digital Marketing. The material examines changes in consumer behavior, opportunities, problems and tactics associated with incorporating digital technologies, and marketing strategy methods.

Social Media Marketing: This class studies the use of social media for marketing purposes. You will discuss the tools, techniques, and strategies used in this type of marketing.

Analysis of Consumer Decisions: This course explores the tools and techniques used by marketers to analyze customer behaviors. It examines databases, analytics, metrics, software, and techniques applied by marketers to transform data into useful formats for the strategic decision-making process.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

This is another option you will find in an M.S. program. The coursework develops a working knowledge of the analytical and decision-making processes involved in formulating, implementing and controlling a strategic marketing program for a product market entry. You will also be given the resources to understand the application of key promotional theories, strategies, and tactics associated with organizations. Graduate will have the knowledge to pursue a career as a digital media specialist, digital marketing manager, digital media graphic designer, or advertising account manager.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Does an M.S. with a specialization in social media and mobile marketing sound enticing? The Master’s in Social Media and Mobile Marketing at the Lubin School of Business may appeal to recent college graduates, as well as more experienced marketers.  The coursework strives to develop or refine your expertise in digital marketing communications. You will experience accelerated exposure to cutting-edge thinking in the social/mobile space. Students will learn practical skills to manage communication strategies involved in digital and traditional media.

The course in Digital Marketing explores the impact of the internet and virtual commerce on marketing. You will study the application of marketing theories, concepts, and tools in the world of e-business. The course objective is to integrate the business and market potential of the Web with the basic concepts and principles of marketing.

A class in social and mobile technologies explores the technical foundations of social and mobile technologies, and consider their impact on digital marketing, as well as other business contexts. Students will also learn how to create a simple mobile application for the iPhone, Android, or other relevant platforms.

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