Choosing the right career can be really difficult. You have to consider what the salary is, how much school you will need to attend, if you can handle the amount of stress in the work, and if the job is flexible enough for your needs. While there's often not a surefire way to tell if you would like a career or not short of trying it, the editors at have compiled the next best thing. Look through our database of jobs and see how the job you're thinking about compares to other careers.
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Yearly Pay
  • Job Outlook: The projected % change from 2012-2022. Positive = growth, Negative = loss
  • Vacation Time: If career not found, number of days from the more general catagory taken, if nothing showing up, the vacation time for a mid level job profile was taken
  • Pay: If not listed as one of their careers, other sources considered
  • Stress: Lower number = less stress
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