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Category: Nursing

Top 10 Paying Healthcare Jobs without an M.D.

Overview As the title states, we have excluded any medical profession with the intials “M.D.” (Doctor of Medicine) required as many don’t have the time, money or the inclination to become a doctor or dentist. This leaves other well-paid occupations that require as little as an associate’s degree and a few may require a PhD. In […]

Top 20 in Demand Careers in Public Health

image source Overview To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The first wealth is health.” This quotation is appropriate for the field of Public Health- the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals. More importantly, public health […]

What degree do I need to become a Nurse Practitioner?

IMAGE SOURCE Overview Nurse practitioners are advanced nursing professionals who work either with a physician or healthcare team or independently to treat patients. These professionals, also called advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), have an advanced education and often a good deal of clinical experience working with patients. Like doctors, nurse practitioners can serve as primary […]

Top 10 Careers for Extroverts

When contemplating the right career path for you, there are more things to think about than salary potential, job outlook and the education and experience you will need to attain the job. You also need to decide if the career you’re considering is a good fit for your personality. How introverted or extroverted you are […]

What degree do I need to be a Perfusionist?

 image source Overview A perfusionist, also known as a clinical perfusionist ot a cardiovascular perfusionist, is a specialized healthcare professional who uses the heart-lung machine during cardiac surgery and other surgeries that require cardiopulmonary bypass to manage the patient’s physiological status. They are a highly trained member of the cardiothoracic surgical team which consists of cardiac […]

What degree do I need to become a Certified Midwife?

image source If the word “midwife” still reminds you of period movies where a tough old lady shouts out “Boil some water and bring me some rags,” we have some news for you – midwives didn’t disappear when your great-grandparents moved to the city. Midwives have an important place in modern medicine, providing more personal […]

What degree do I need to become a Phlebotomist?

Would you like to suck blood for a living? Wait – back up. That didn’t come out right. Have you ever considered becoming a Phlebotomist? Yes, they are into blood, because, well, that’s how you diagnose individual’s health and wellness. But they are definitely not vampires. They certainly don’t drink the blood, and unlike vampires, […]

What degree do I need to become a Physician Assistant?

Did you ever get some seasonal crud you couldn’t shake? Up all night coughing? We’ve all been there; you call for a last minute appointment, go ahead in only to find out your appointment was not actually with the Doctor but this person with the title “PA”. Well rest assured, a PA truly is as […]

What degree do I need to become a Surgical Technologist?

Scalpel. Clamp. Gauze. Wipe my forehead, please. Sure, the surgeon gets all the glory. But the surgeon would be lost without a Surgical Technologist. The Surgical Technologist, or Operating Room Technician, is the person making sure conditions are just right for a smooth, flawless operation. All of those instruments don’t put themselves in order, or […]

What degree do I need to become a Respiratory Therapist?

image source You know you want to make people’s lives better, and you’ve decided that means a medical profession is right for you. But which one? Well, you may have noticed, a lot of people have trouble breathing. Between cigarettes, car exhaust, allergies, and an aging population, you may have noticed that almost everyone these […]

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