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Top 10 Graduate Architecture Degree Programs

Whether you’ve already earned a professional degree in architecture and are looking to delve deeper into the discipline or you’re still pursuing a professional education in the field, choosing the right graduate architecture degree program can make all the difference. How do you know which school – and which degree path – makes the most […]

What Degree Do I Need to Become an Interior Designer?

  IMAGE SOURCE Overview In residential, public and commercial structures, it’s often the interior spaces where people live, work and do business. Interior designers are the professionals who design these inside spaces to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe. Before they begin a design, interior designers must understand the client’s goals and the purpose and […]

What degree do I need to become a Commercial Architect?

 IMAGE SOURCE Overview You already know that architects design buildings, but you might not be aware that different types of architects develop specialized skills in creating different types of buildings. While a residential architect plans homes, commercial architects develop business properties of all kinds.  Business offices, malls, factories, hospitals, airports, train stations, sports arenas, hotels […]

25 Fastest Online Associate’s Degrees

Though it’s frequently called a “two-year” degree, there’s no guarantee on how long an associate’s degree takes to earn. In fact, many students take way longer – three years or more – to finish their associate’s level studies. Recommended Online Associate’s Degrees Kaplan University – AAS in Business Administration Post University – AS in Criminal […]

25 Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

Accelerated master’s programs are not for everyone. They require a significantly larger investment of time and energy than traditionally-paced courses. While the promise of earning a degree fast is enticing, fast can quickly become frantic. Recommended Online Schools for Master’s Programs Walden University – Online Master’s Programs Southern New Hampshire University – Online Master’s Programs Regent […]

What degree do I need to do Video Game Audio?

  image source Overview First and foremost, this is a highly competitive field with not a lot of job openings. As the name denotes, this is a very specialized field within the realm of audio engineering. But if this is your ambition then the following information may provide some insight into the profession. Also referred to as […]

What degree do I need to become a Museum Curator?

If you’re searching for information on Museum Curator, I’m willing to bet you had an extensive collection of something as a kid – rocks, arrowheads, coins, stamps – maybe even just weird junk you thought was interesting. You arranged it, catalogued it, cleaned it, learned everything you could about it, and defended it whenever your […]

What degree do I need to become a Photographer?

Have you been told you “have a good eye”? Do your friends always want you to take pictures at parties, or even their weddings? Maybe you went through that photography phase in high school and it never stopped. Or maybe you love the gear – the lenses, the lighting, the filters and other toys. It’s […]

What degree do I need to be an Art Director?

Overview Art director encompasses a variety of job functions: theater, film, advertising, marketing, publishing, photography, television, web design, and video games. For all these functions, there may be several artists involved in the project, however, it’s the responsibility of the art director to unify the art pieces. The art director consolidates the pieces of the artistic puzzle […]

What are the best degrees for hipsters?

You don’t have to hang up your trucker cap. Sure, you may need to save the PBR for after hours, but I assure you, there is a college degree just for you, oh hipster. It’s not 1999 anymore; modern day hipsters are king of the design markets: web, industrial, fashion, food, advertising, and marketing. They […]

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